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Events Manager ESS
EventID in ESS not up to ESS specification (2 posts)

  1. McOrmick
    Posted 5 months ago #

    Hi, it seems that the EVENTID reported by this ESS plugin is not as per the ESS requirements:

    ESS Structure

    ESS processors should use the <uri> value to generate a unique IRI ID value. The <id> value should start with: EVENTID:. ESS processors should save and record ess IDs during feed live to link it with other IDs defined in <relations> XML section (ess:relations)

    This ESS plugin seems to generate the <id> EVENTID by Title instead of by <uri>? The following examples are two separate events (obviously with different event ids), but with the same <title>,


    while the other event with the same name, but different URL has the same <id>


    Am I correct and is this a bug or am I overlooking something?

    - Jason


  2. billc108
    Posted 5 months ago #

    I haven't had a chance to test this, but I think you might be right.

    That would explain a few of the other problems I've been seeing.


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