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[resolved] Download not Finilised (26 posts)

    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hi, I just installed your starter theme and the EDD plugin on a fresh WP installation. Even though I'll probably need to purchase some extensions to get all I need, I'm facing my first problem. Namely, in general I know your plugin is focused on sales, but at this point we only want to offer Free downloads for clients, and I've read support threads on how to do this (with price set to 0.00). Seems ok, until you want to download!? After checkout, the Purchase history shows; "No downloadable files found!". Are their any server settings required?
    Using; WP 3.4.2, Starter theme 1.0, EDD Plugin 1.3.1



  2. Have you added download files to your product?

    Posted 1 year ago #

    Yes, and just realized I did not give each file a name. After adding the names, all works fine. Now, before I purchase the social extension, where would I replace the text of:
    Cart > "Download Cart"
    $0.00 > on each item to "Free Download"
    Checkout > "Go to Downloads"
    Item Price > "Downloadable"
    How can I insert a Header image instead of the site name home link!
    That's all for now, Thanks for a quick reply.

  4. Are you able to place a custom code snippet in a new plugin or in your theme's functions.php? If so, I can give you the snippet that will change those text strings.

    The header image is defined by your theme and is not controlled by EDD at all.

    Posted 1 year ago #

    Yes, I think I can manage the snippet code. The theme is your EDD starter theme, so that's why I'm asking.

  6. I wrote a tutorial on how to do it: http://pippinsplugins.com/introduction-gettext-filter-wordpress/

    The "domain" that you need to use for EDD is "edd".

    Let me know if you have problems with it after following the tutorial.

    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hi, Thanks.
    Looks straight forward but I've never done it before. Nevertheless, am willing to try! Have no idea what the target file to edit is called or where to find it. Is this a separate plugin, theme file or part of WP?

  8. What you want to do is create a new custom plugin and then paste the function described in the tutorial above into the new plugin.

    The easiest way to create a new plugin is to use Pluginception.

    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hi, First time to make a plugin, but I'll give this Pluginception a try. Hopfully you will help if I get stuck!

    Please help, I just checked the site and the download (purchase history) works only in Chrome. In other browsers (firefox, IE, Safari) do not show Purcahse history at all, no link to download. What could this be?


  10. Are you logged into the same account in all browsers?

    Posted 1 year ago #

    I also tried logging out, but the same! A friend of mine tried from a MAC with safari and could not see the link to download either. look at it here my.dt-croatia.com and see yourself. Thanks

  12. Do you have a caching plugin installed?

    Posted 1 year ago #

    No, no other plugins at all. Only pluginception. Your EDD starter theme, wp 3.4.2. Though, I do have a static IP address!? Thanks

  14. Can you enable the Manual / Test payment gateway so I can do a test purchase?

    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hi, thanks...
    I've re installed theme and plugin from start. Now, it seems to work in all browsers. Now, I need to fix it up a bit, possibly without breaking anything! Please give me some ideas on the following;
    - What would you suggest (Plugin, add-on) or html to get the home page and two of main pages look/feel like a directory/portfolio to guide users to relevant downloads in 2-3 cats e.g. "By Destination" & "By File types"?
    - Your starter theme has no Logo or Header image options! Would a plugin like "WP Display Header" interfere somehow? Maybe some other theme or suggestions?
    - I read some threads about your Social media add-on, and positive remarks were made to locking downloads with a "Like", "Tweet" or "G+". Any sign of this happening soon?
    - Is it be possible to have both a Free download area (without reg.) and an area for a clients only (reg. required)?
    - Last but not least, we need to remove all the currency signs and remarks that indicate sales as we only want to provide free downloads (no charge), yet some require custom downloads (therefore the registered area)! Who could make this pluginception custome plugin for us and at what cost (maybe help setup the site), as I'm not confident enough, so it takes me too much time? Thanks for your support and opinion.

  16. 1. Take a look at our Digital Store theme. Is that similar to what you want?

    2. I'm not sure how that plugin works so I really can't say. Our Digital Store theme has head options.

    3. We have an add-on nearly ready that can give a discount for users that share the product, but we don't have one that gives it for free yet.

    4. Sure, just use categories.

    5. This will be nearly impossible without directly modifying the plugin code.

    Posted 1 year ago #

    Thanks, the Digital Sore theme seems simple and all sounds fine. Nevertheless, if removing the currency/purchase/cost labels is nearly impossible then I'm back to the beginning. Unless, your team can give me an realistic estimate to modify the plugin. Or this can be done as previously suggested with pluginception on this theme as well?

  18. I'm not able to do any customizations sorry.

    Posted 1 year ago #

    I understand this, but can the changes be done with the custome plugin made with pluginception on the Digital Store theme or not? Thanks

  20. Yes the changes are possible, but you have to know how to make the changes. It's not simply install and go; you still have to write the code.

    Posted 1 year ago #

    OK, Thanks! Lets resolve this thread. I will go for the Digital store and find someone to manage the custom plugin to remove currency and purchase description to achieve all as Free downloads. Can you please check if you see any potential plugin conflict with MyMail. Thanks, Miho

  22. Great!

    Posted 1 year ago #

    I'm having problems registering an account on https://easydigitaldownloads.com/support/register/
    Keeps giving me invalid username!

  24. What's the username you're trying to use?

    Posted 1 year ago #

    Resolved, it looks like first letter Capital was not accepted: Miho
    Just managed with small caps and funded your hole dev team. Is there any major difference between EDD social extension and the 3rd party with only a few? Double price difference?!

  26. Ah yes, that is a requirement set by WordPress.

    The main difference is that the EDD Social extension is officially moderated, meaning that I approve it for sell, ensure that the code is top notch, and also provide support for it. I cannot make any guarantees for the 3rd party one or provide any support for it.

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