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[resolved] Domain mapping with different IP's and 1 installation on server. (15 posts)

  1. fantastico
    Posted 4 years ago #


    I've been searching everywhere without a clear answer, so I think it's better to ask the question.

    Is it possible to map a domain name with its own IP to a wp 3.0 installation on another IP?


    I have wordpress installed on my-cool-domainname.com on IP and created a second site trough WP3.0 called testsite1.my-cool-domainname.com.com

    I have a domain name called memyselfandi.com on IP and I want to map it to testsite1.my-cool-domainname.com but keep as the domains IP and see the the IP when I ping memyselfandi.com and NOT

    Should I use CNAME?

    In the DNS options from memyselfandi.com what of these options to fill in exactly to make it work?

    - www CNAME my-cool-domainname.com

    - memyselfandi.com CNAME my-cool-domainname.com

    - http://www.memyselfandi.com CNAME my-cool-domainname.com

    - http://www.memyselfandi.com. CNAME my-cool-domainname.com

    or any other suggestions?

  2. fantastico
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Well I guess there isn't an answer for it? :-)

  3. Try the cname first. Send it to the main install, not the subdomain blog you made.

  4. fantastico
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I get an lookup error with www CNAME my-cool-domainname.com

  5. wasser11
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Did you manage to solve your problem?

  6. There really isn't a huge need or reason to make sure a mapped domain has a different IP. It would be no different than running the domains on a shared server.

    If you're planning on interlinking with hundreds and thousands of links between the domains - then it's an issue. If you're not - then you don't need to.

  7. wasser11
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I've heard that it's good for SEO to have different IP's for each site. I think there is the only reason.

  8. That shouldn't matter jack. If it did, shared hosting would be ranked below VPS and dedicated, which it's not.

  9. I've heard that it's good for SEO to have different IP's for each site. I think there is the only reason.

    I get asked this so much, I actually talked to well-known seo guys about this.

    It does not matter. Just like I said above. ipstenu has the golden point there.

  10. tdjcbe
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Considering that the IP address (ie the router or the network switch) right above the box will be the same, don't you think that Google and the other search engine bots have figured out this trick by now?

  11. IP address shouldn't matter to google etc. This is a matter of your web server and DNS, not google.

  12. fantastico
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Ok after 2 months I have been figuring out how to get this done.

    With no succes....yet.

    What I did find is mostly comments about why you shouldn't have to do it, and that is not necessary for google and SEO. and thats its considered a trick.

    One of the reasons is SEO. But its not about Google, but more about linking partners. They do not want links from the same IP all the time.

    Also, what if I just want to do make it work. No matter what the reason is :-) Its clearly something some people want.

    WP 3 multisite is great software to manage your websites from one single location. It saves a lot of precious time building websites and adding this IP option would make it perfect.

    So I will try to complete this thread with new info...if I find it.

  13. One of the reasons is SEO. But its not about Google, but more about linking partners. They do not want links from the same IP all the time.

    And like I said above - that only matters if you are doing hundreds of thousands of links.

    Would you like a statement from Matt Cutts? :D

    Is it possible? Yes. Am I gonna give you the answer? No. :) It;s not worth the work involved in doing it is why.

  14. fantastico
    Posted 3 years ago #

    ah please ;-)

  15. fantastico
    Posted 3 years ago #

    The solution:

    If you are using DirectAdmin for your server it actually very easy.
    Since version 1.36 there is a BETA feature where you can Add an Ip to you domain. Previous it was only possible to add a domain to a user/reseller.

    SO how does it work. You have a working wordpress network with subdomains and the domain mapping plugin installed:

    on your server using DirectAdmin
    1. Add an Ip to Direct admin. | Admin Tools > "IP Management" in Admin mode
    2. Asign the Ip to Admin
    3. go to "Modify User". Show all users> click user> click button modify user.
    4. Add Additional IP. Choose the new IP and click the add button.
    5. login as the User.
    6.got to "Domain Setup" click on the domain you want a second IP for. (The domain you have installed WordPress on). At the bottom, "Add Another IP to yourwordpressdomain.com"

    Ok thats for the server settings.

    In WordPress:
    1.In the domain mapping plugin settings you need to use the CNAME option. Server CNAME domain: (yourwordpressdomain.com). Or else it won't work.

    2.create a Site (something.yourwordpressdomain.com)
    3.Map a new domain to it:
    http://www.newdomain.com (primary) and newdomain.com (without the www and not primary) to the something.yourwordpressdomain.com ID

    Now go you the DNS settings of your newdomain.com
    1.Add 2 A records:
    http://www.newdomain.com A (the added second IP in Directadmin)
    www A 123.1123.123.1 (the added second IP in Directadmin)

    Thats it. you now have 2 domain names with different Ip adresses pointing to a single wordpress installation.

    Just wait until everything resolves. It can take some time.

    ....and to finish the discussion why it has no added value using multiple IP's. It has no value. if you doing it for SEO google will find out.

    To make it actually Google proof you should probably also have different nameservers and ICANN registration names.

    Having multiple nameservers for a single wordpress multisite.
    It will cost you many IP adresses. Consider if its worth even trying.

    Good luck!

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