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Displaying RSS items among posts. (1 post)

  1. RichardHolt
    Posted 1 year ago #


    I would like to create a timeline type page which will list my WP posts from various categories, pretty standard stuff.

    The thing is, I'd like to sprinkle in my activity on other sites, such as Twitter, Instagram etc. I can get hold of these items through the respective RSS feeds no problem, and of course there are many ways to show those items in a RSS box or list elsewhere on the page.

    I want these items to appear in among the list of chronological posts, sorted by date, so I might get a list of:



    Is there a way to read in these things, and then throw them up in the air along with the WordPress results, then display the entire stream that comes down?

    What would be the best way of thinking about doing this? I'm not averse to getting my coding hands dirty, but I'm not particularly experienced...

    ...any help would be gratefully received.


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