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Css for blocks, content and other questions (3 posts)

  1. xprt007
    Posted 9 months ago #


    I am new to your excellent theme. It looks like it is just what I need, but I am being a bit overwhelmed trying to customize it, something I cannot say for lots of other themes as I can easily find the styles.

    1. Exactly which style & elements control the width of the main content area & sidebars on the right? I want to change the size of the sidebar to around 300px.
      I saw

      #secondary .widget-area {
      padding: 0 10px;
      background: #CAC2B5;
      width: 300px;
      border-left: 1px solid #999999;

      this in a post & pasted it in style.css, but it makes no difference.

    2. Regarding the 3 "shortcut" (?) pictures on the frontpage below the slideshow, I thought one can customize them at => /wp-admin/themes.php?page=bootstrap_ecommerce_settings
      I tried to upload a custom picture for the LEFT BOX & added custom text. Result: none! I still have the default picture with the text =>

      Shortcut 1

      Customize these shorcuts from Appearance > 3 shortcuts. You can customize title, image, text and link target. Note, you could hide them unchecking "Display 3 shortcuts"

      in spite of clearing the cache, etc.

      Also seclecting or unselecting the checkbox "Hide 3 Shortcuts", makes n difference. They are always on the front page!

      How/where on earth can olne really customize these pictures & replace the theme default content of the 3 with one's own?

      Update: I see the custom picture on the customize.php page but not on the site page, unless it comes much later & not immediately.

      Crazy! Even selecting "Hide Carousel in front page" does NOT lead to the front slideshow not appearing! I am a bit confused. ;)

    3. I made a child theme following http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes & this seemed to work on other pages but NOT the front page, where the disabled image & customized background color & wrong form of the menu (ie. all child items appear expanded!) show.
      How can I use a child theme, which also works for the front page? I had to revert to gambling with the main theme style code.

    I would appreciate some quick answers. I am NOT a coder, but regarding CSS, if told exactly where the controlling elements for sidebars - so the front page & other site(blog(?) pages have similar widgets & colors, etc, content area are, I can do so.

    I am using the theme on a normal buddypress site, with no shop.

    Kind regards

  2. sur
    Theme Author

    Posted 8 months ago #

    1. Boot Store uses bootstrap 2.2.2 fluid and responsive layout (.row-fluid)
    So there is not an easy way to overwrite the layout efficiently.
    These styles could be a start point but securely would be more efficient to chosse a static theme.

    .row-fluid #secondary.span3 {
    	width: 300px;
    .row-fluid #primary.span9 {
    	width: 64%;
    @media (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 979px) {
    	.row-fluid #secondary.span3 {
    		width: 300px;
    	 .row-fluid #primary.span9 {
    		width: 54%;
    @media (max-width: 767px) {
    	.row-fluid #secondary.span3 {
    		width: 100%;
    	.row-fluid #primary.span9 {
    		width: 100%;
     /* If you have the sidebar in right side you also need float right /*
    #secondary.tcp-bse-layout {
        float: right;

    You could add more media queries to optimize/adjust the primary container width (.row-fluid #primary.span9)

    2- WP Appaerance > Boot store: 3 Shortcuts section

    3- I dmake child themes without problem.. an url to take a look?

    Best regards

  3. mobilefilmmaker
    Posted 1 month ago #

    I figured it out finally.

    For the Bootstore theme just edit the HOME page by going to wordpress.com and logging into your account for your website. Go into the admin and dashboard.

    Then choose >Appearance and then scroll down to >Bootstore.
    Scroll a little and you will see the 3 shortcuts section.
    Fill in the fields, add a photo or graphic from your computer or your wordpress library from the tabs and upload a photo.

    SAVE and you will be able to see it.

    This was a pain to find out and it took all morning for anyone to simply share this very simple solution. Now you don't HAVE to create another home page or a static page. The template is nice but seriously it took all morning. I added this because I hope it comes up on searches for the next average person who is frustrated with complicated instructions on these forums. This really works.


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