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mTouch Quiz
Changing colors of mTouch Quiz (6 posts)

  1. Stoob
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Dear designer of this highly functional and easy to use quiz plugin:

    Has anyone in your life ever told you to not mix your blues when you dress in the morning? Mother, a girlfriend... wife? It's good advice.

    For those out there who do not want to put this mixed-blue color scheme on your website, this post may save you time customizing the plugin.

    Here's how:
    1. Download the .zip and open up the plugin folder on your computer
    2. Find the 2 files style.js and style.min.js
    3. Search for the following colors, which are the colors the designer has put in these two files that make everything blue

    • #d0dafd
    • #06F
    • #063
    • #339
    • #09F
    • #D0DAFD
    • #66F
    • #ADE0C1

    4. Use your favorite text editor or programming qizmo to find and replace those colors with the colors of your choice. Or you could opt for "transparent" which is a lovely thing sometimes. Less is more.
    5. Upload the new .css files to your server and overwrite the existing ones
    6. When you upgrade the plugin, you will need to replace the css files again. Keep a copy handy.
    7. Open the 'images' folder in the plugin folder and find all the images. There are nearly 30. You will need to either:

    1. Replace each one
    2. Open each one in Photoshop (or whatever) and set each image as "Greyscale" removing the blue.

    8. Re-upload these images onto the server.
    9. <sarcasm>See how easy??!!??</sarcasm>

    For the designer, please take this advice to heart, it is meant as more constructive than critical:

    • Provide some instruction here: http://gmichaelguy.com/quizplugin/faq/ on how to change the colors
    • Do not minify a .css file that someone may want to customize and you describe as customizable. Even if that person knows how to un-minify something, it's not a best practice
    • Since your plugin is generally awesome otherwise, consider implementing several selectable themes in the future
    • If none of the above are possible, consider opting for a more neutral color scheme.
  2. gmichaelguy
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    You're right. I admit I picked colors that worked for my own site, without much regard for your site. I included all of the original photoshop files for anyone who wanted to easily change the colors of the images.

    I do strongly disagree with one of your recommendations, however. I recommend you NOT edit my style file. The non-minified version is there for you to read, not edit. Instead, you should incorporate your changes into your own theme's css files. That way when I upgrade the plugin (which is actively being developed, though not at a break neck speed) your changes are not lost. I think that's what we call a "best practice."

    I can definitely feel the love <sarcasm>in your constructive post </sarcasm>. The great thing about open source and the GPL is that if you don't like something, you get to change it. So have at it and make it your own like I did!

    Thanks for commenting. I'm sure others will benefit from your post. I'll try to add a link to it on my site in the near future.


  3. CockpitSeeker
    Posted 3 years ago #

    useful post for a useful plugin.
    [I did play with the .css files too (even if not the best thing to do in case of plugin update, out of a personal decision).]

    In case of further need for neutral customisation I'd like to propose a set of images that I did on my own, given that it takes time to modify and I would have liked to have someone saving me the time to do it. If ever you wanted them Mr Michael, I could send them over by mail.

    Here's a sample image:
    and if ever the image link breaks/doesn't work, you can see the icons in my test pages at:

    note: I'm having the same issue as "jonishere55" in the "Quiz Flickering around" thread. I'll make sure to ask my questions in that thread as I'm not sure to have understood your explanations about the phenomenom.

  4. bowoolley
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Cockpit seeker, can you make that image set available? I'd love to have them...

  5. CockpitSeeker
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Sure thing, try this link (it should redirect to the whole plugin image folder):

  6. bowoolley
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thanks! I really love this plugin, and I'm lousy with Photoshop, so I'm grateful that it fits in more with the general look of my site. You're mensches, both of you!

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