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[resolved] CentOS 5.7 (6 posts)

  1. rsgrone
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Looking for some help here... fortunately, I have not switched my sites off my hardened, secure, and extremely stable IIS7.5 server however, to save some monies I thought I would go on the cheap and give Linux a try.

    I have two choices CentOS and Fedora, I choose CentOS 5.7 for my trial run on a local machine using the server build to sandbox the migration of one of my sites. The nightmare begins: PHP not support, needed to upgrade which after trial and error accomplished that. Next, MySQL that comes out of the CentOS repositories is a version that has not been supported by Oracle since they gave up using smoke signals to communicate. And the problem began.

    There is no way to simply upgrade MySQL to the latest 5.3 stable build as, CentOS apparently releases on server package and simply walks away from it (to be expected since it is free which, is why I support Microsoft products as, their developers are always out in the wild keeping pace with the times).

    So, my simple question for those in the forums that swear by OpenSource, is there any real documentation available to upgrade the CentOS 5.7 server build to bring it out of the stone-age and into the age of "framework" which is what everyone seems to be big on these days, or is CentOS simply a piece of crap and I should try Fedora?

    Thank you for your time as, I have progressed from the PHP needs to be upgraded screen (via WordPress install) into a plethora of other interesting yet, very informative error screens via, WordPress...

  2. rsgrone
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Well, only 10 hours later... this is stupid why can't these open source people keep their own repositories updated, it took that long with trial and error to find decent working files...

    I have to say, even though this is free (CentOS) Microsoft way out classes it inclusive of support, ease of installation, and conformity.. You want to update a browser, bada bing it's done, with this stuff (linux) tar balls, rpm's, yum... I can't see how anyone can actually seriously state this is the preferred OS out in the wild with the exception it is free...

  3. ClaytonJames
    Posted 2 years ago #

    To answer all of your negative references in one fell swoop: You simply do not yet understand what you are working with. The reality is, no one who is well acquainted with CentOS (RHEL) would take very many of your above comments very seriously.

    CentOS is an upstream compatible version of RHEL. It's just re-branded and distributed without the high-priced commercial enterprise support contracts you find with RHEL. It's free for folks who need enterprise grade stability, but don't require the commercial support - as well as for anyone else. Just because your limited knowledge and experience with it leaves you fumbling a little, doesn't mean your knee-jerk conclusions are correct.

    Explore the alternative repos - EPEL, RPMForge, CentOS Extras. Learn how to use package management. Read some documentation. Then read some more. Then a little more.

    Fedora is sometimes considered RHEL's public testing ground. It has an accelerated release cycle, "cutting edge" application versions, and a higher potential for stability issues. My own experience with it (as well as advice from others) prevents me from recommending it as a production server.

    You want to update a browser, bada bing it's done, with this stuff (linux) tar balls, rpm's, yum

    ...why would you need a browser on a linux web server?

  4. rsgrone
    Posted 2 years ago #

    @Clayton - first off, you haven't completely or are incapable of reading and comprehending the posted question so, your childish remarks should be simply ignored by all...

    To the rest of the free thinking world (and oh by the way, I used to work for RedHat, I quit after a month of that foolishness) if you are at the least bit interested in setting up your own test bed server at home, and would prefer to use a server GUI along with a desktop GUI (as Microsoft also provides both for their servers, try researching your statements before you make such foolish comments Clayton) then go with Gnome as, it will make testing the stand-alone server along with your worpdress installations much easier. Just make certain you login using ‘root’ as the username, you may switch between console with CTL+ALT+F1 and then applying init 5 (try several sequences of init 1,3,5,6 etc) to switch back to the desktop to open firefox to check your local installation of wordpress (or to set it up for that matter). Right clicking the Gnome window and choosing a terminal window works as well.

    Now, for the most important issues addressed by myself, and once again ignored by a visitor that simply choose to provide negative feedback about something he did not like, and does not fully understand (must be a republican) you will need to upgrade the PHP and MySQL to run WP 3.x.x less the install will throw errors.

    Finally, you will need to dig through a plethora of repo's before you will find a compatible and easy solution to the above problems, I would strongly suggest going ZEN CE as many hosting companies use a ZEN Enterprise solution next, finding the repo that has the correct MySQL version as, "out of the box" CentOS (a freebie shareware server poorly maintained) comes with a version of MySQL that is so out of date, your logs will become instantly filled with error messages regarding the changes used in the new "framework" style that worpress and many top-end theme developers are using these days along with, a plethora of plugin issues.

    If interested, and I doubt many out there will set-up a standalone server for use, and need help finding the proper solutions to this mess of an OS, CentOS 5.7 send me an email and I will point you in the proper direction... and have a nice day (Please note, this thread had been closed prior to some smartass dropping in a comment)

  5. ClaytonJames
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I find you a very entertaining commenter, mr rsgrone. You seem arrogant, insulting, abrasive, pompous and completely self-absorbed. That's almost everything I like in a total buffoon. I'm sure that everyone you come in contact with must be quite comfortable basking in the warm glow of your omnipotence.

    The enormous volume of conflicting information provided by your own written words here, clearly exposes your level of ignorance in regard to the very topic you seem to be inquiring about. Well, that and your claims to have first hand knowledge of it (RHEL/Linux) by working in direct exposure to the very operating system whose crazy linux "stuff" you can't get a handle on.

    with this stuff (linux) tar balls, rpm's, yum... I can't see how anyone can actually seriously state this is the preferred OS out in the wild with the exception it is free...

    I call shenanigans on you, good sir, and I'm sure that the month you spent sweeping the floors and emptying the ashtrays at redhat must have been a rewarding and fulfilling experience for you.

    Be well, and I hope you find a solution that works for you.

  6. rsgrone
    Posted 2 years ago #

    @Clayton -- does your mom know you are using her PC to harass people on the internet?

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