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[resolved] Categories Listing Twice (7 posts)

  1. amitramani
    Posted 10 months ago #

    I have installed and used this plugin. First off, this is a great plugin. It does the job quite well.

    However, I noticed that the categories were being listed twice under Products->Categories in the WordPress admin.

    After spending some time debugging it, I discovered that 2 entries for 'order' were being inserted into the 'wp_woocommerce_termmeta' table.

    From looking at the code inside the 'woocommerce_osc_run_cats' function, the call to "add_woocommerce_term_meta($term['term_id'], 'order',$category['sort_order']);", only appears once.

    Going on a limb, I just commented out that call. Voila, now the import works perfectly, i.e. categories are listed only once!

    I hope this helps someone else.


  2. holyman842
    Posted 8 months ago #

    I was in a similar situation as described above. Thankfully, WP Newbie already posted the problem as well as the solution. He saved my day. The plug in works as promised. I would recommend everyone to use it, but do the above steps as mentioned by WP Newbie before attempting the import. It can save a lot of time.

    Thanks again, WP Newbie :)

  3. amitramani
    Posted 8 months ago #

    Hi holyman842,
    I am glad that you found my post useful. Looking further, I found that the woocommerce core code already added the call to the meta term function.

    If you are using oscommerce and migrating to WordPress using this plugin, you will notice it only imports the one picture for each product.

    I have made modifications to import multiple pictures (up to 6 for each product). Let me know if you would like that version.

    I will try posting my version to my website. Will post a link here, when I can.

  4. holyman842
    Posted 8 months ago #

    Hi amitramani,
    Thanks for replying. I am migrating from oscommerce 2.2 RC2 to woocommerce. Currently, all the categories are nicely placed but the images of the products are not imported at all. I am not sure how to fix that. May be your version would help. Please post the link to yur website whenever possible.

    My oscommerce store: http://sissi.com.au/shop/
    My woocommerce store: http://sissi.com.au/store/

    Thanks again.

  5. amitramani
    Posted 8 months ago #

    Hi holyman842
    For importing images, make sure you are entering the correct URL in the "osCommerce Store URL" field. It is important that the URL start with "http://www.". Without that, this will not work.

    In your case, it should be http://www.sissi.com.au/shop

    The plugin will automatically append the '/images/' to that URL and transfer the files. The full image URL, for example, will be http://www.sissi.com.au/shop/images/208%20800x600.jpg

    I am pretty certain that is the problem. I encountered the same issue, then saw the code and realized why.

    Keep me posted.

    BTW, the website I worked on is:

  6. amitramani
    Posted 7 months ago #

    Hi holyman842
    I have posted my version of the plugin here.

    I hope that my suggestion above worked for you. If not, let me know.


  7. holyman842
    Posted 7 months ago #

    Thanks. But I have manually added the images. There were not a lot of products so..
    I will look at your plug in btw.


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