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[closed] Calendar links broken. (9 posts)

  1. perilous
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hey folks.

    I'm basically having the exact same problem as outlined in this unanswered post:


    Namely: I have a calendar installed on my sidebar (the calendar that came with "Sidebar Widgets" by Automattic) that adds a trailing "/" (without quotes) to the end of the calendar day permalinks, and clicking any calendar day sends you to a 403 page. Without the trailing "/" the page loads just fine.

    I tried the solution found in this topic:


    but it did no good as the line that was adjusted doesnt even exist in my templates-functions-links.php file!

    My version of WordPress is current (I just updated everything two days ago). The only thing that is broken is the calendar links, which inexplicably adds that trailing "/" to the end of the permalink. On my search for the answer, I've seen that a good number of people have the same issue, but as far as these boards go either the posts received no replies or there were no solutions that fit me.

    The URI for my site is:


    There is an extremely NSFW photograph on the main page. It's not a porn site or anything even remotely resembling it, but if an unabashedly naked close-up photo of a penis (it's an artistic nude shot) is something that would get you fired, then you'd probably not scroll down too far if you visit my page while youre at work. :) You can click the link though; the photograph is pretty far down on the main page on the 27 December 2006 post.

    If anyone can help me with this calendar permalink issue, I would very much appreciate it! Please let me know if you need more info.

    Thanks kindly. :)

  2. perilous
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hello again! Anyone able to give me assistance on this? I'd really like to get this working -

    Thanks :)

  3. perilous
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Anyone? Anyone at all? I know others have had problems with this - nobody has anything to suggest, any tips, any solutions whatsoever? Dont be shy, now. :) I'm sure that since a number of other folks are having this issue as well that answers in this thread will serve more than just myself.

    Assistance would really be greatly appreciated.

  4. perilous
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Well, once again I find myself deeply disappointed by this community. It will be the last time I seek assistance here. Period.

    For a bunch of folks who seem to pride themselves on how helpful they are, you guys sure are pretty unhelpful on a regular basis. I've made a number of requests for assistance since I've started working with WordPress, not always under the same name, and never received a helpful reply to ANY of them.

    Still, it's a step up - at least no one was outright rude to me this time. That's a first!

    I shall not darken your door again. I've learned my lesson well, because this is just the latest in a series of disappointments spanning a couple of years. The idea that nobody even bothered to try to help me with something so simple that many other people are having problems with (and most of those posts have gone unanswered, as well, incidentally, so it's not just me by a long shot) is just a bellwether regarding the entire volunteer support community as a whole.

    Folks who use WordPress have complained about this kind of thing in the WordPress volunteer support community since forever and you guys never seem to learn...it's always everyone else's fault. Yes, I am unbelievably grateful that volunteers who are so dedicated exist. However, you guys dont seem to get the idea that just because you volunteer doesnt mean you get to treat people like crap.

    I'm sure some of you who had nothing to say before will find yourselves suddenly motivated to reply to this thread, now. :) Carry on; I shant return to see it. You have all taught me very well that if I need actual help I'll have to look elsewhere than the official community, who is more involved in telling everyone else how wonderful they are than actually caring about proving it.

    Sorry, but after a couple of years of hearing one thing and seeing another, I've grown weary of wading through the cesspit. Congratulations, youre wonderful. Far too wonderful for me to tolerate any longer. This post may seem over the top for this one issue, but that's becuase it's not just this one issue. I'm talking about my entire experience as a whole with the WordPress support community, which has been uniformly terrible. Even on the mailing lists you people are rude to each other and everyone else who comes to you looking for assistance. I've really never seen anything else like it online. The Fark community is more friendly than you guys are!

    It's such a shame. WordPress is some great software. I will get assistance from people who are more interested in helping others than patting themselves on the back for an imaginary job well done.

    Have a nice weekend. Hope that attitude comes togeher.

  5. drmike
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Your one other thread shows you being asked questions about your issue with no follow up on your part.

    That and you write a frigging book when you ask questions. I could answer a couple questions for others while just reading your own post and trying to figure out what you were asking. While the detail is great, it's excessive. You write an entire paragraph to say "There's an adult picture on the site. Please be warned."

    That and you post a reply to your own post fairly quickly. Since most of us use the 'No replies' option to view threads here, that means someone is looking into your issue. So you pretty much shot yourself in the foot yourself.

    I'd go on but I'd rather spend my time helping folks where I can.


  6. whooami
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Ill bite!

    From that other thread:

    "At least give me the common courtesy of sharing any information you might have that would assist me."

    I fail to see where not replying means your not extending a common courtesy. Maybe no-one HAD any information, for f*cks sake.

    get a grip perilous, the world doesnt revolve around your blog, or your seemingly unanswered questions.

    Theres MY answer. and I wouldnt have replied to this thread at all had someone else not done so first. Frankly, I think you ought to kill your WP blog, go install MT, and PAY ($49.95 last time I checked) for their support. Good luck. Troll.

  7. perilous
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Yes, please, go on and by all means tag me as a troll when I call you folks out on your pathetic and rude, obnoxious behaviour. :) As I said, I fully expected to receive replies after I called you out on it, and I was not disappointed. If I'm a troll for telling the truth, what are you, I wonder?

    And telling me that my "details are excessive" is nothing more than telling me youre an ignorant moron who can't read. I adore it when people complain about having too much to read. It says more about their intelligence and personality than anything else could. Anyway, youre probably too busy patting yourself on the back for being so very much better than anyone else to be bothered to actually get your head out of your ass long enough to read anything anyway. Fantastic.

    Just FYI: In the time it took you to write a post telling me how terrible I am, you could have actually done something helpful and useful and actually answered my question. But I guess it's just more in line with your mentality to insult people instead. Nicely done. Thanks for that little insight into your character. More proof that the folks who hang out here are more interested in putting people down than building them up.

    Maybe there's a reason I spent A WHOLE five line paragraph (the horror of having to read for two entire seconds!) on an NSFW photo is becuase a simple line does not suffice. I've used it in the past and gotten bitched at for "not giving enough warning." So before you criticise maybe you should find out what the hell youre talking about first, ya think?

    My posts are overly detailed because if they are not then I get taken to task for not giving ENOUGH detail. Anyone who bitches about having TOO MUCH detail is just looking for an excuse to be an asshole. And again, as usual, youve proved that point nicely. I appreciate it. :)

    No, the world doesnt revolve around my blog, and I never said it did. What I DID say, though, was that this was the rudest, most arrogant, condescending support group on the internet. If I dont like it, go somewhere else? Yes, by all means, please continue to prove my points for me. You do it so much better than I ever possibly could!

    If you fail to see how totally ignoring someone who repeatedly requests help is not extending common courtesy when youre on a SUPPORT SITE, then I'm afraid youve told me all I need to know about your own personal level of intelligence, as well as the general level of intelligence of the folks who purport to be here to help anyone at all.

    Maybe if you guys weren't so busy telling me how verbose I was, and actually acted like the wonderful, helpful volunteers you think you are, you wouldn't get people bitching about how rude and intolerant this community is.

    Again, this is the worst community on the Internet. It is a shame that WordPress, which is a fantastic piece of software, is burdened by cretins such as yourselves.

    Oh, and whoami?

    "and I wouldnt have replied to this thread at all had someone else not done so first."

    Way to be a sheep. Enjoy your meaningless existence. I'll find actual help elsewhere while you folks engage in your inbred little circle jerk of self-congratulations.

    Being called a troll for taking illiterate, socially inept assholes to task. Now, that's rich. :) Thanks for a good laugh! Usually it just serves to hurt my head when I think down to the level of folks like you, but this time it turned out to be pretty funny stuff.

  8. perilous
    Posted 7 years ago #

    One final word: My complaints here are legitimate and, as you can see by the replies I finally did receive, warranted. I am glad this post was tagged for a mod to look at, and I invite, encourage, and would appreciate a mod getting back to me on this via email, as I really am going to simply delete this bookmark and not return to this site. You can go so far as to delete my account here.

    I've had it with this garbage. If I wanted to wallow in the slime and be insulted on a regular basis for daring to have a mind of my own and speaking up when treated badly when I require assistance with something, I'd go to a Republican political convention.

    This community sickens and disgusts me. Any community who not only takes pride in being belligerent and intolerant of those who come to them for help but actually DEFENDS such actions while placing the blame for their own behaviour on the people who refuse to tolerate it is not a place I want to be. If there are any decent people amongst you, I dont know how they tolerate it.

    You people should all be ashamed of yourselves. You are a shining example of all that is bad about people on the Internet.

  9. vkaryl
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Well, I'm not getting into the middle of the rants etc. I'd only like to point out that this support site is entirely volunteer. Whether anyone who posts here gets an answer has more to do with whether anyone who drops by has any info on the problem.

    Dunno about your previous tries, under however many other names you've used, but I personally didn't and don't know anything about the problem you're having in this thread.


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