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cached pages not cleared when another plugin creates comments (1 post)

  1. Ryan
    Posted 6 months ago #

    hi! i'm trying to debug a bad interaction between WP Super Cache and another plugin that creates comments,
    wordpress-webmention. WP Super Cache correctly clears cached pages when people post new comments normally, but it doesn't when that plugin creates comments.

    here's the line in the code where wordpress-webmention calls wp_new_comment(). when it does, WP Super Cache rewrites the post's index.html and index.html.gz files unchanged, and the debug logs include these two lines that i don't see during a normal comment:

    Buffer is blank. Output buffer may have been corrupted by another plugin or this is a redirected URL. Look for text 'ob_start' in the files of your plugins directory.
    No closing html tag. Not caching.

    ob_start definitely shows up in a few of my plugins - jetpack, akismet, nextgen gallery, etc. - but cached posts are cleared ok on normal comments, so i doubt those other plugins are the problem.

    i'm running WordPress 3.8.1 and WP Super Cache 1.4 in mod_rewrite mode. let me know if any other info would be useful. thanks in advance!



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