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bug? extra HTML/CSS inside admin area (2 posts)

  1. New Spin Jeff
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I am going live with a new site I built in a test environment.

    • I've installed WordPress successfully on the production server.
    • Next I imported the XML from my test server WordPress to production WordPress.
    • The import failed the first time (timed out) after #50.
    • I did import once more and after a while that said it was successful. It did say though that I had some broken images and something about image.php was erroring.
    • Next I uploaded my custom theme and went to the design area to activate it.
    • On this themes page was my first indication something was screwed up, something I have not seen before.
    • See screenshot: http://www.newspindesign.com/stuff/theme.gif
    • I shrugged this one off and moved onto plugins.
    • This is what I see after uploading about 8 plugins
    • All the plugins I uploaded have ALL this extra code and such in the HTML with them: http://www.newspindesign.com/stuff/plugins.gif

    Can anyone help!? I am sorry if this problem has been documented elsewhere. I've tried searching and have trouble coming up with proper search terms. I'm also under a major deadline!

  2. heriz
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I had this too - I'm trying to remember what it was.

    Do you have a 'charset' specifying UTF-8 on the page? If so, try removing it.

    If not, I'll dig around and try to remember what I did to solve it.

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