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Blog-to-blog requests (2 posts)

  1. nathanwburke
    Posted 8 years ago #

    All right, I'm not sure exactly how I should describe this, as I am not appropriately caffeinated yet this morning.

    I've noticed on friends' blogs that they're doing something called "tagging", which is not a good name for what they're doing. Basically it goes like this:

    1. I write a post. For example, I put a post called "8 things about me that would surprise people."
    2. At the end of the post, I "tag" my friends. This consists of posting their names, which are linked to their blog. I do this, hoping that said friends will create their own "8 things about me.." post on their own blog.

    Problem is: the friends I tag have to read my blog to know that they've been "tagged" (again, I hate this name because it is already associated with another function). So let's call it "monkey" from now on.

    So, I was wondering if there was a way to automate "monkeying". It would go like this:

    1. I write a post.
    2. In the form where I write the post, there is a field called "monkeys". I can add the monkey names, with their web site and email information.
    3. When I hit submit, my monkeys are *magically* sent out to the people, who either:
    a) receive a notice in their dashboard
    b) receive an email

    Kind of like myspace, the notified can approve or deny the request. If they approve, they are redirected to a "write a post" form, where the original request is quoted. The person who sent the monkey are then notified of the response post.
    If they deny, the sender are also notified.

    I don't know if this would be blog-specific (if it would only work WordPress to WordPress, or if it would work on multiple blog types). But I like the idea.

    Perhaps this already exists and I'm just not aware of it. Any ideas?

  2. technewsonline
    Posted 8 years ago #

    If it isn't already a plugin, someone should definetly write it :)

    There's a nice discussion going on the irc channel about the "monkeys" idea right now. Someone even said it will be his life's philosophy fro now on.


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