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blank page after launching install.php (4 posts)

  1. guscorrea
    Posted 11 months ago #

    I am trying to install WordPress (3.5.1) in our own
    Linux web server.

    I followed all steps in the installation instructions,
    and besides that setup MySql and phpMyAdmin, a database
    for WordPress, and a datbase user, with password, etc.
    In particular, I edited the wp-config.php file accordingly,
    and fixed the missing '?>' php tag at the end of the file.

    On the last installation step, when I point the browser to
    wp-admin/install.php I get only a blank page.

    How can I get around this problem?

    I tried a few of the troubleshooting suggestions (e.g.
    adding .htaccess file with 'DirectoryIndex index.php'
    line, but the blank page doesn't change (after refreshing
    the browser).

    Thank you
    Gus Correa

  2. RoamingPro
    Posted 10 months ago #

    "In particular, I edited the wp-config.php file accordingly,
    and fixed the missing '?>' php tag at the end of the file."

    This is your problem. - Missing php tags from a fresh install, aren't 'really' missing - it's the way WordPress integrates different pieces of the pie into a working site.....

  3. guscorrea
    Posted 10 months ago #

    Thank you, RoamingPro

    I am afraid not.
    My old-fashioned habit of closing all
    previously opened parenthesis was harmless in this case.

    Actually, the WordPress installation instructions recommend
    the use of a '?>' closing tag in wp-config.php,
    see tem 4 here:

    I kept the final '?>' tag that I added to wp-config.php,
    and eventually I could install wordpress.

    The problem was that wp-config.php was not world-readable.
    Once I changed the permissions, the installation proceeded correctly.

    I am still afraid a file with a plain-text password should not be
    world-readable (or inlcude a plain-text password to begin with).
    But that is another issue.

  4. RoamingPro
    Posted 10 months ago #

    Interesting ... in 25+ installs, I have never had to add any closing tags in wp-config.

    Yes, the plain text password is a problem, that's why I always use the random password generator for my database password, and then never use that password anywhere else.


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