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bbpress Forum homepage displaying oddly (8 posts)

  1. morroccomethod
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I'm using bbpress 2.3.1 and the forums homepage ( http://www.morroccomethod.com/blog/forums/ ) is displaying in a bizarre layout. It seems to squish itself to one side. I tried changing the number of columns, but it seems to create that many columns in that box.

    The subforums ( http://www.morroccomethod.com/blog/forums/forum/henna-2/ and http://www.morroccomethod.com/blog/forums/forum/lunar/ ) show up just fine.

  2. ZachMatthews
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I am having this exact same problem. Looks like you are also using the pinboard theme?

    Anyone have any solutions to this? From what I can tell the smooshed up page is incorrectly calling to the .threecol CSS tag instead of the proper .onecol tag (which is what the appropriately-spaced sub forums are using).

  3. Defkon1
    Posted 8 months ago #

    Easy (and dirty) solution:

    0. backup your theme folder
    1. download /wp-content/themes/pinboard/page.php to your local environment
    2. rename your LOCAL page.php in forums.php
    3. modify LOCAL forums.php line 12:
    <?php post_class(); ?>
    <?php $classes=get_post_class(); echo str_replace("twocol", "onecol", $classes); ?>
    4. modify LOCAL forums.php line 18:
    <?php the_content(); ?>
    $content = get_the_content(); echo str_replace("twocol", "onecol", $content); ?>
    5. upload your forums.php to /wp-content/themes/pinboard/

    This trick is a bit dirty becase the string replace will replace ANY occurrence of "twocol" (include for example "twocolumnsotherclass",...), so use it on your own risk.

    see it live: http://www.bballmag.it/forums/

  4. Andrew
    Forum Moderator
    Posted 8 months ago #

    You might as well also recommend to create a Child Theme

  5. Defkon1
    Posted 8 months ago #

    actually this is an update-safe trick, because pinboard theme doesn't provide a specific template for bbpress, so create a child theme is nearly useless...

  6. Andrew
    Forum Moderator
    Posted 8 months ago #

    Okay, but that doesn't render a Child Theme useless.

  7. ZachMatthews
    Posted 8 months ago #

    If you guys will go look here, what I wound up doing is leaving it in .onecol (the default), abandoning the sidebars, and tweaking the CSS.


    If you do a multi-site you can limit this setup to one page only (i.e. the forum) and still have a fully-functioning Pinboard theme elsewhere. I've integrated everything under one "roof" even though I am actually running three separate multisite Pinboard instances. It looks good, not too awkward to manage since you just end up having three separate admin pages (which are all integrated under the dropdown top tabs on the /admin/ home page for the whole site).


  8. thefruitnation
    Posted 5 months ago #

    I saw your post on another page Zach and noticed it still works well on your page as the multisite. I used Defkon1's solution but changed it to 'threecol' to suit my site. http://www.thefruitnation.com/forums/

    is there any implication defkon1 to using this as you implied 'at your own risk' ?

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