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Barclay ePDQ payment gateway for wordpress
Automated Order Confirmation (9 posts)

  1. seeker_
    Posted 7 months ago #


    First of all, thank you for making this plugin available for free. Everything seems to work perfectly, however I am still stuck with order confirmation. When the payment is collected from the customer and (s)he is redirected to 'Order Received' page, Woocommerce still does not mark the order as 'Processing' but keeps as 'Pending' for 2 hours and then cancel it by default. I need to check payment for every single order and then manually confirm it in Woocommerce. This is obviously very inconvenient for not only myself, but more importantly my customers as they can still see the item(s) in their basket and believe the order has not completed. Then they either try paying again or check their account and contact me right away.

    This did not happen with PayPal when I had both of them enabled. Is there a way to fix this?

    Thanks again!


  2. maksbd19
    Plugin Author

    Posted 7 months ago #

    Thank you very much for using my plugin. And that is a weird problem. Can you please elaborate your problem? I need to recreate your problem in my end to solve it.

  3. maksbd19
    Plugin Author

    Posted 7 months ago #


    Can you tell me what is the status code for the orders which are awaiting payment and those which are still showing pending even after payment is done? You will see it in the orders page in the admin page.

  4. seeker_
    Posted 7 months ago #

    Codes? Do you mean numerical IDs or just description?

    The website uses default order statuses, once someone places their order, the status is 'pending' (code: 21) till the payment is completed via a payment method. If the payment is not completed or customer leaves without paying, it's status changes to 'cancelled' (code: 27) after 2(?) hours automatically. When PayPal was active, the status would change to 'processing' after payment completion, but it does not happen with EPDQ - completing the payment has no effect on Woocommerce orders.

    I then go to Barclay's EPQD back end once a day and cross check all the payments and change the statuses from 'cancelled' (code: 27) to 'processing' (code: 24) for orders which payments have already gone through. In Barclay's console, the payment status is 'Payment Requested' for successful payments, which are then batched at the end of the day. Not sure whether this changes anything.

    If you are unable to recreate the problem, can you please write a step by step guide. I followed the guide of another paid EPDQ plugin (SellXed) to set everything up. I initially had a 'transection (sic.) verification error' due to incorrect SHA OUT code a couple of months ago, which was then fixed thanks to another support thread, but it's happening again after Barclays back end upgrade. I might have to start from scratch. I will try to fix on my own and mark thread as resolved if everything works out perfectly.

  5. seeker_
    Posted 7 months ago #


    Yes, it's still verification error that is probably causing the problem. Here is the return URL:


    1- AVV and CVC boxes are checked as instructed
    2- AVV and CVC parameters are also disabled in Barclays backend
    3- Changed to SHA-1 from SHA-256, generated new strings and made sure they match in EPDQ plugin and Barclays
    4- Tested a live transaction again and still getting the error

  6. seeker_
    Posted 6 months ago #

    Any updates or solution to resolve this?

  7. maksbd19
    Plugin Author

    Posted 6 months ago #

    Sorry for being so late. I was off my desk for a while. I hope I'll be able to resolve all these problems pretty soon. And thanks for trying out my plugin.

  8. seeker_
    Posted 6 months ago #

    If you are unable to fix the problem for the time being, is there a way to disable "transection verification error"? At least 4 customer placed new orders and paid for them, which I had to track down and refund. A few even tried paying for the same order several times, but fortunately Barclays have a system to prevent multiple payment for the same order number. A couple of other asked whether their payment went through. That all happened during last week.

    If the "error message" wouldn't appear after they are back on the website, they would not try paying again. If there is an actual error with the payment, they would be stopped at Barclay's hosted gateway page to re-enter their card details anyway. They only return to website after payment is authorised and confirmed by Barclays.

    Is there a way to disable the error message?


  9. naseem.sarwar
    Posted 5 months ago #

    if( $this->sha_method == 0 )
        			$shasignxy = sha1($x);
        		elseif ( $this->sha_method == 1 )
        			$shasignxy = hash('sha256',$x);
        		elseif ( $this->sha_method == 2 )
        			$shasignxy = hash('sha512',$x);

    I had the same issue. and tried the above code and everything works fine. $xy's value is '' and that was causing the issue.
    The code line starts on 558.


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