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Anyone know how to implement a simple job board? (1 post)

  1. damainman
    Posted 2 years ago #


    The website is for a non-profit that partners with other non-profits.

    1. Either via the frontend or backend, need to allow registered members of a certain role type to post jobs and/or edit their own job listings.

    2. Job listings are basic: Post Date, Job Type(Volunteer, Full Time, etc), Compensation, Contact Info(How to contact job poster), and if possible date the posting should expire.

    3. Doesn't need to allow people to submit resumes or applications via the website.

    4. Doesn't need to allow people looking for jobs to sign up to the website.

    5. Doesn't need to show Job Posters, stats like who is interested in their listing, etc.

    6. Would like to have a page which displayed the job listings. Can be very basic(listing just the job title, job type, post date) with a link to click on to view the entire job listing for more details.

    Something along the lines of:

    - https://scooter.cnm.org/JobSearch.aspx
    - http://www.commtechservices.com/website/?page_id=3

    I might have just overlooked a plugin or informative tutorial, but all the wordpress plugins I have found are either:

    - For you to post jobs for your company, so you can recruit staff for your own company.
    - An API to use a 3rd party job board service/website.

    I need a way to allow members to post jobs for their companies.

    I am using WordPress 3.3.1 with a custom theme and the plugin "Advanced Access Manager" for managing role permissions.

    Thank you in advance!

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