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Admin URL link provided to me links to various spam sites (4 posts)

  1. neander1
    Posted 1 year ago #

    After I installed WordPress on my Web site (on 8-22-12), I got the confirmation e-mail that I have pasted in full below. The first time I clicked on the link for the Admin URL, a 404 error appeared for a few seconds, then a web site appeared showing a bunch of variously colored circles on the left, and a lot of links for investment sites, etc. This morning that link has gone (after the 404 error notice) to a Jewish dating service a few times, then to Babylon Translating service. Then, when I filled out the form to register on this forum this morning, of course I entered "poetry criticism" for the type of work I do. The next time I clicked on that Admin URL link, the colored circles theme appeared again, and every link was about poems or publishing poetry. Anyway, I need a link that will get me to my WordPress admin site where I can start customizing my Web site.

    Here is that confirmation e-mail. Try the link for Admin URL and see what happens.

    Show Details FROM:TO:[ email redacted ] Message flagged Wednesday, August 22, 2012 10:50 AM An instance of WordPress was installed on http://poetrycritic.com
    Full installation path: /home/neander1/public_html
    Public URL: http://poetrycritic.com/
    Admin URL: http://poetrycritic.com/wp-admin/
    Username: [ Great Guu, don't post that here! ]
    Password: [ Redacted ]
    MySQL database: [ Redacted ]
    MySQL user: [ Redacted ]
    Time of installation: Wednesday, 22nd August, 2012 @ 10:48:40 AM
    DO NOT REMOVE the file named fantastico_fileslist.txt from the installation directory. It is used for uninstalling this application.

  2. @neander1? Could you do me a favor and change your passwords on your installation?

    You've posted it on a public forum and that's Just Not Safe™ to do.

    Please contact your host, they should be able to tell you where and if WordPress has been installed on your account.

  3. neander1
    Posted 1 year ago #

    First of all, I apologize for posting the entire email I received as confirmation of WordPress being installed on my site, http://www.poetrycritic.com. By the time I posted it, I had already changed my password, so nobody was provided with a current password, just an obsolete one. Anyway, I'm sorry about it, so let's get past that issue, please.

    Here is the point I still need addressed. That confirmation email provided the "Admin URL" http://poetrycritic.com/wp-admin/ which is supposed to provide me access to a WordPress control panel where I can apply themes to my site, etc. But that URL has taken me to various sites that are anything but what it is supposed to take me to. It gives me a 404 error for a few seconds, then loads a page--usually one showing "Poetrycritic.com and some multi-colored circles on the left, with a bunch of links that change topics depending on my most recent online searches. Or to a Jewish dating site, or a language translating service, etc. What I hope someone can help me get is a link to a functioning WordPress control panel. That is what I was led to believe the "Admin URL" was, but it obviously is a faulty URL. There is a control panel associated with my hosting company, but it is not a WordPress admin site. (I switched recently to a host recommended by the same guy who advised me to install WordPress. The wording in his "WordPress 101" newsletter makes it clear the WordPress admin site is not part of the host's control panel.)

    Can any of you provide a working URL for my WordPress Admin site? If so, I will certainly be grateful.

    Hayes Walker

  4. jonradio
    Posted 1 year ago #

    From what you have said, my educated guess is that you have not pointed your domain name to the new web hosting you are on. According to a WHOIS I just performed, there have been no changes to your domain name since 2008. It currently points at WEBSTRIKESOLUTIONS.COM

    FYI, your domain name is registered at namejuice.com, which is where you would make the changes to Name Servers, so that they point to whoever is your new web hosting company.

    When you make those changes, it can take up to 72 hours before they are propagated around the world, typically about 12 hours before the change will be seen in major areas.

    In summary, I believe that your domain name points to your old web hosting.

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