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[resolved] 2.3 and tags (7 posts)

  1. mixvio
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Is there a way to either clear out old tags or change them? I was playing around with tagging some entries and I noticed somehow that the first time you tag an entry with something that tag is "saved." IE, if I tag something for the first time with "Cats" and then tag a later entry "cats" it changes it automatically to the uppercase version. Vice versa. I was trying to test whether or not the lower/upper case would change whether or not an entry would be grouped with the rest of the same tags regardless of case sensitivity.

    So the result is that I have some tags that are uppercase ("Cats," for example) and some that are lowercase ("dogs") and it's driving my OCD nuts. :p

    I cleared out all tags from the entries hoping that would fix it but it didn't. So are these getting saved in a database somewhere?

  2. edeainfj
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I'd like to know the answer to this also.

  3. Jo0Lz
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi there!

    Yes, the entries are saved in the database.
    I've come across these problems, but in a slightly different manner. The tags that I used, are the same, but the slug is different because of this, I had 2 "me" tags, one with the me slug, and one with jo0lz slug. Using the "me" tag in the posts, caused the seperate counts, but only one tag is displayed in the cloud. (The one with the least posts...)

    Resolve your tag headache, with this great plugin:
    (Manage tags, add, delete and edit.)
    Advanced Tag Entry

    (Check out this topic aswell...)

  4. mixvio
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Ah thank you! That looks like it will do exactly what I needed.

  5. 1Massing
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi, I see this topic has been marked resolved, but I thought the following might be helpful:
    Several times during setup, I forgot to delimit tags with commas, being more used to the del.icio.us system of spaces as delimiters. This produced some long, unwieldy tags. In most cases, going in and properly delimiting the tag string in the input field fixed this, including purging the unintended long tag from the cloud (displayed via widget in the Garland theme). In at least one case the long, spaced tag got "stuck" in the cloud display. Some of the later-added tags also were not showing. I tried removing and restoring the tag widget, thinking this might force a rebuild, but no go. But removing the tag widget at bedtime and restoring it in the morning did the trick. I'm hosted at WordPress.com, so I'm guessing some housekeeping function needed to sync (or maybe not sync?) with the rebuild. On another host, of course, your mileage may vary. I'm waiting now to see whether another persisting "empty" tag will get purged with the combination of rebuild and time. Best to all, M.

  6. Robert
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Two f├╝rther things I recommend for using tags
    - conditional-tags [ if is_tag(TAG_ID); ]
    - optional Template-file (maybe tags.php)

    This would be also in the usual system of wp.

  7. Robert
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Sorry, tag.php is supported (please complete the Codex), but the_tags() only works within the loop - so no title, no description, no intro with (related) tags. :-/

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