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Welcome to Glen Urquhart School, an independent school for grades kindergarten through eight located in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts. Glen Urquhart evolved from the commitment of a group of parents, led by Lynne Warren, to create a school where children would be stimulated to learn for its own sake because the process would totally engage them physically, intellectually and emotionally.

Source: gus.org

Why it’s in the Showcase: The site for Glen Urquhart School runs off of WordPress MU. All teachers will have their own sites at subdomains. The developers took full advantage of WordPress functions and custom fields to enable easy updates and add some interesting features. On the section pages one level below the home page there are three buckets beneath the main content block that we use to drive users deeper. The buckets are controlled via custom fields — text and graphics, headlines come from the page title. On class pages, there is a “What’s Going On” the sidebar feature that is created by a child of the class page so it’s easy to maintain. The developers also use a custom field to embed a Google calendar on certain pages and the utility and footer navigation are all controlled from within the page administration interface and can be added and removed very easily. Additionally, the homepage takes advantage of some great plugins like attached image and uses a custom built jQuery gallery that pulls images from Flickr and can be updated via custom fields. For more information, check out this post from the developer.

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