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Zotpress displays your Zotero citations on WordPress.


  • Fixed import bug related authors with one name / full name meta.
  • Fixed import bug related to non-English characters for in-text citations.
  • Fixed abstract percent sign display bug.
  • Added longer delay to in-text anchor highlight effect.


  • Confirmed that Zotpress works with WP 4.0.
  • New! "forcenumber" attribute numbers bibliographies, even when the style doesn't.
  • New! Clicking in-text anchors highlights the corresponding entry in the bibliography.
  • New! DOIs are automatically hyperlinked.
  • New! Authors (and below) can only see Browse and Help pages.
  • Notice: Database update to fix overwriting images during selective import.


  • Fixed in-text citation title formatting issues.
  • Fixed incorrect duplicates for items cited in-text.


  • Fixed broken image URLs.


  • Fixed displayed duplicates generated by multiple download links.
  • Removed old code.
  • Minor content and style updates on the Help page.


  • Fixed selective import bugs related to duplicate items.
  • Updated table structure to optimize script.


  • IMPORTANT! You must re-import your Zotero library/libraries in Zotpress when you install this version or your shortcodes will not display correctly.
  • Fixed selective import bug for libraries with more than 50 top-level collections.
  • Optimized import script and enforced Zotero API Version 2.
  • Increased time length before timeout for import scripts.
  • Fixed database updating bug and sort/order bug.


  • Zotpress now requires version 3.5 of WordPress.
  • New! In-text citation attributes "and" and "separator" for greater flexibility in format and style.
  • New! Bibliography shortcode attributes "showtags" for displaying a citation's tags and "target" for HTML5 compliance.
  • New! Enable or disable Zotpress Reference Widget for specific post types.
  • Updated import script, including compliance testing and friendly error messages.
  • Updated style names, e.g. mla is now modern-language-association.
  • Updated look and feel to match WordPress 3.8+.
  • Multiple bug fixes.


  • Fixed display issue for multiple in-text citations per shortcode.
  • Updated the Help/FAQ page.
  • Restructured request class and enforced Zotoro API Version 1.
  • Fixed style update errors related to undefined variables.
  • Added "citeable" as an alternate for the "cite" attribute.


  • Fixed incorrect abstracts issue.
  • Fixed "years", "authors" and "nick" shortcode attributes.
  • Help information for finding Group IDs has been updated.
  • Lowercase style names enforced.


  • New! Import functionality check added.
  • New! Reset Zotpress feature on Options page.
  • New! Added security measures to prevent direct access.
  • New! Import items, collections and tags separately.
  • Updated import script; sessions removed.
  • Fixed minor shortcode bugs.
  • Removed extraneous code.
  • Minor style updates.


  • New! Import script now uses WordPress functionality for improved compatibility.
  • New! "Link" attribute for tag and collection lists.
  • Updated help page to include how to use in-text brackets.
  • In-text format updates, including new "etal" attribute.
  • URLs are now converted two-ways to account for prior encoding.
  • Updated styles for a more consistent look.


  • Fixed incompatibility bugs with jQuery UI; some style updates, too.
  • Fixed "abstract" attribute bug.
  • Fixed in-text %num% numbering bug.
  • In-text shortcodes are now unique to posts.
  • Fixed hyperlink bug for special characters.
  • Fixed search when no default account set.
  • New! In-text citations are now hyperlinked to the generated bibliography.


  • New! Can now display abstracts using the "abstract" parameter.
  • Blank author fields now filled with other author (e.g. editor) information.
  • Added support for %num% formatting option (in-text).
  • Fixed front-end style update script for large (50+) items.
  • Fixed "datatype" filtering error.
  • Fixed typos in the Help page.
  • Added default account constraint to Zotpress Reference results.


  • Fixed table install, update and uninstall issues.
  • New import and sync scripts for large libraries.
  • Zotpress admin now accessible to Editors.
  • Styles updated and Help page shortcode documentation redesigned.


  • Fixed import and sync for large libraries.
  • Removed autoupdate feature. Please use the sync feature for the time being.
  • Fixed metabox widget error.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Fixed display of styles with numbered lists, e.g. IEEE, nature, etc.
  • Fixed critical in-text citation bug when multiple accounts are synced.
  • Long URLs in citations will now wrap.


  • Critical patch for case-sensitive tables and import functionality.


  • Happy new year! Zotpress is now optimized for WordPress 3.5.
  • Near-complete rewrite of the code for greater loading speeds across the board.
  • Revamped Browse page and Reference Widget with autocomplete and a new shortcode builder.
  • Expanded Zotpress In-Text capabilities, including multiple items and formatting.
  • New shortcode parameters, including ones for filtering and providing RIS links for citing.
  • Greater shortcode flexibility, including support for multiple items and new sort options.
  • Many more additions and bug fixes. Explore and enjoy the new Zotpress!


  • Fixed "downloadable" bug.
  • Updated Help page.


  • Styles for metabox tabs added.
  • In-Text Bibliography fixed (for real this time).


  • New! Options page to set blog-wide defaults (more settings coming).
  • New(ish)! Post-specific style defaults.
  • In-Text Bibliography display fixed AGAIN!


  • In-Text Bibliography display fixed (or, made better).
  • New! Set default citation style (for all posts, via Zotpress Reference Metabox Widget).


  • New: Shortcode Creator in the Zotpress Reference Metabox Widget.
  • "Show Image" and "Sort" bugs fixed.


  • Security fix!


  • A number of security measures added.
  • Fixed "Help" page shortcode for in-text citations and private vs. public groups: oops!
  • The Zotpress shortcode now accepts lists for these parameters: collection, item.
  • Notes can now be shown, if made publicly available through Zotero.
  • Zotpress Reference should now show up on custom post type writing/editing pages.
  • Zotpress Reference now working with the latest versions of Chrome and Safari.


  • Introducing "Zotpress InText", a new shortcode that let's you add in-text citations, and then auto-generates a bibliography for you. jQuery must be enabled. Only supports APA style; requests can be made in the forums. Use information can be found in your Zotpress installation's "Help" page.
  • Recaching and auto-checking for new or updated Zotero data back in action.
  • The "collection" shortcode parameter now working.
  • Zotero XML data gathering functions optimized.
  • Tags with spaces are now working again for the "tag" shortcode parameter.
  • Tag shortcode parameter now accepts nonexistent tags.


  • Error display error fixed.


  • Fixed bullet image issue.


  • Fixed sidebar issue: having an author is no longer required.


  • Fixed sidebar widget error and display issue.
  • Added more information to and sorting of citations listed in the Zotpress Reference widget.


  • More friendly XML error messages, including ability to (at least try) repeating the Zotero request.
  • Spite-ified most images for quicker display.
  • Citation images can now be deleted.


  • Bugfix: Typo!


  • Bugfix: Limit issue resolved.


  • Bugfix: Styles now working again.
  • Bugfix: Now only grabbing top level items.
  • Bugfix: Sidebar widget working again.
  • Metabox widget refined: Limit removed, account info integrated, and tags and collections alphabetized.


  • Bugfix: Can now sort by ASC or DESC order.


  • Bugfixes: Filtering by author and date reinstated.
  • New: Titles by year. (New parameter: title)


  • Switched method of requesting from jQuery to PHP. Should mean a speed increase (particularly for Firefox users).
  • Many shortcode parameters have been changed; these parameters are now deprecated: api_user_id (now userid), item_key (now item), tag_name (now tag), data_type (now datatype), collection_id (now collection), download (now downloadable), image (now showimage).
  • New shortcode parameter "sortby" allows you to sort by "author" (first author) and "date" (publication date). By default, citations are sorted by latest added.


  • Temporary fix for web servers that don't support long URLs. Unfortunately no special caching for these folks. New solution in the works.


  • Added backwards compatibility measure with respect to the new api_user_id / nickname requirement.
  • Fixed citation display positioning bugs.
  • Applied new caching method to sidebar widget.


  • Fix: Sidebar widget bug.


  • New way of caching requests. Speed increase for requests that have already been cached.
  • No more multiple accounts per shortcode. A "user_api_id" or "nickname" must be set.
  • No more collection titles. You can use the Zotero Reference meta box to find and add this information above collection shortcode calls.


  • Fixed display images issue.
  • Separated out sidebar widget code from main file.


  • Groups accounts citation display fixed.


  • Meta box fixed in IE and Safari.
  • Styles fixed in IE and Safari.


  • Sidebar widget fixed.
  • Styles in IE refined.
  • Conditional OAuth messages implemented.


  • New "Zotpress Reference" widget, meant to speed up the process of adding shortcodes to your posts and pages by allowing you to selectively search for ids directly on the add and edit pages.
  • OAuth is now supported, which means that you don't have to go out of your way to generate the required private key for your Zotero account anymore (unless your server doesn't support OAuth, of course).
  • I've changed the way Zotpress's admin splash page loads. Before, the page would hang until finished loading the latest citations from Zotero. This is a friendlier way of letting you know what Zotpress is up to.
  • Manual re-caching and clear cache options added, for those who desire to refresh the cache at their leisure.
  • Citations that have URLs will now have their URLs automatically hyperlinked.
  • More IDs and classes added for greater CSS styling possibilities.
  • Improved handling of multiple Zotpress shortcode calls on a single page.
  • Code reduced and refined plugin-wide, which should equal an overall performance improvement.
  • "Order" parameter no longer available, at least for now; see http://www.zotero.org/support/dev/server_api
  • "Forcing cURL" option abandoned. If your server supports it, cURL will be used; otherwise, Zotpress will resort to file_get_contents().


  • Can now give group accounts a public key.
  • Downloads can now be accessed by anyone (assuming you've enabled downloading).


  • Important: Reduced multiple instantiations of JavaScript.
  • Download option added to Widget.
  • Proper download links for PDFs implemented.


  • Fixed image display for author/year citations.


  • Fixed single citation display bug.


  • Re-wrote display code.
  • Tidied up JavaScript.
  • Fixed update table code.


  • Can now display by year.
  • New option to display download links, should they be available.


  • Fixed Group "invalid key" error.




  • Now cURL-friendly again.


  • Zotpress completely restructured.
  • Most requests now made through PHP. Shortcode requests made through PHP/jQuery combo for user-friendliness on the front-end.
  • Cross-user caching implemented. Updates request data every 10 minutes and only if request made.
  • Increased security now that private keys are no longer exposed through JavaScript.
  • Can now filter by Tag in admin.


  • Critical request method issue fixed.


  • Groups citation style issue fixed.


  • Caching enabled, which should speed things up a bit.


  • Added cURL, which is (maybe?) quicker, (definitely?) safer, and (more likely to be?) supported. Requests default to cURL first now.


  • Optimized JavaScript functions. Fixed some grammatical errors on the Help page. More selective loading of JavaScript. And most importantly ... added a Zotpress widget option. This also means you can have more than one Zotpress call on a single page.


  • Fixed up the readme.txt. Added a friendly redirect for new users. Made IE8-compliant. Moved some JS calls to footer. Now selectively loads some JS. Made tags and collections into lists for easier formatting.


  • Zotpress makes its debut.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0
Last Updated: 2014-9-16
Downloads: 12,861


4 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars


6 of 8 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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