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Vixy YouTube Embed and Download

A simple method of embedding YouTube videos (with download links) into your pages. Easy to use, but with powerful features for those that need them.

Vixy YouTube Embed and Download is a simple, powerful method of embedding YouTube videos, offering your readers an easy way to download videos.

Check out the Vixy plugin video:

Important Setup

WordPress requires you to opt-in to the video download feature.

  1. Go to the Profile section under the YouTube sidebar option in your WordPress Admin.
  2. Tick the Show Download Links option under Options for All Player Types.


With over 50 embedding options, Vixy YouTube Embed does everything any other WordPress plug-in does, and a lot of things they don't.

Options include:

  • Set size of video, controls, other behaviors via profiles or inline commands.
  • Includes download links option.
  • Build your own playlists and play them back however you want
  • XHTML and HTML5 compliant - works with all the latest browsers
  • Multiple embedding methods available - OBJECT, IFRAME, CHROMELESS and EmbedPlus
  • Dynamic video sizing for responsive sites
  • Allow users to add videos to comments
  • Automatically generate playlists based on user name or search text
  • Create multiple profiles - use them for different videos to get the exact style that you want
  • Google compatible metadata is added to the video output - great for SEO!
  • Code is cached for maximum performance
  • Using a different YouTube plugin? Documentation and tools are provided to help you migrate to Vixy YouTube Embed
  • Fully internationalized ready for translations. If you would like to add a translation to his plugin then please contact us
  • Support for Do Not Track
  • Display video comments
  • Compatible with Video SEO for WordPress
  • And much, much more!

Earn Money

Download links under each video gives you an opportunity to earn generous affiliate commissions from [Jaksta.com]("http://jaksta.com" Jaksta.com), a powerful video download and conversion suite for PC and Mac. (Optional).

Vixy YouTube Embed has been rated 5/5 by ThemesPlugins.com.

Get Started Quickly

To add a video to a post or page simply use the shortcode [youtube ]video[/youtube], where video is the ID or URL of the video. Alternatively, you can add one (or more) widgets to your sidebar.

Within the administration area of your blog you will find a new menu named YouTube (see screenshot 1). Click on the Options sub-menu to set a number of general options. Alternatively click on the Profiles sub-menu to set the default options which define the output of your videos - any videos you display (unless overridden by parameters - more on that later) will use the settings from the Profiles screen.

You can read read the Full Documentation to learn about all the capabilities of Vixy YouTube Embed. This also includes details on how to migrate from another embedding plugin.

Help is always available from the WordPress administration pages - just click on the "Help" button in the top right. If the Help and FAQ don't have an answer, ask us on the forum.

Not yet convinced? See the feature comparison between this and the top 10 alternative plugins for embedding YouTube videos.

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Requires: 2.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-6-19
Downloads: 355,279


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4 out of 5 stars


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