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YouTube Channel

Show video thumbnails or playable blocks of recent videos from YouTube Channel or Playlist.

2.2.2 (2014-07-25)

  • Add: admin notices after upgrade to prevent errors and avare users to do ReCache and prevent mixed json_decode / base64_encode strings for cached feeds
  • Change: moved ReCache part to Tools tab on settings page

2.2.1 (2014-07-13)

  • Fix: to prevent broken JSON feed, transient caching changed from plain serialized string to base64_encode
  • Add: URL parameter ytc_force_recache to force recache, also included on Help tab in plugin settings


  • Add: open thumbnails in lightbox and stay on site, instead opening YouTube page (Magnific Popup jQuery library)
  • Add: make thumbnail responsive
  • Add: play indicator for thumbnails
  • Add: shortcode [youtube_channel]
  • Add: tabbed settings page for default options for shortcodes
  • Add: Help tab for shortcode parameters
  • Change: moved parts of code to helper functions

  • Fix: remove embed object below old IFRAME implementation

  • Change: add back old iframe functionality, second iframe option is async loading


  • Change: iframe/HTML5 player inject with IFrame Player API https://developers.google.com/youtube/player_parameters#IFrame_Player_API
  • Change: use native WP remote file download function wp_remote_get to fetch feeds (prevent some permission errors on some hosts)
  • Change: removed height parameter so height is calculated by aspect ratio selection - 16:9 as default
  • Add: mute audio on autoplay if iframe/HTML5 is selected
  • Add: converter that will port pre-2.0.0 YTC widgets to 2.0.0+ version
  • Fix: playlist parser (now allowed dash and underscore in playlist ID)


  • Fix: undefined vars notices
  • Fix: embedding default plugin playlist instead custom set for "Embed standard playlist"
  • Add: caching system
  • Add: option to link to channel instead to user
  • Add: support for enhanced privacy by YouTube
  • Enhance: RSS feed replaced with JSON
  • Enhance: better formatted debug info with site URL
  • Enhance: re-group widget options
  • Enhance: updated wording
  • Enhance: added tooltips for options
  • Enhance: playlist ID detection from URL
  • Remove: modified error_reporting


  • Fix issue in widget settings when no apache_get_version() support on server
  • Fix validation errors for widget settings
  • Fix broken sidebar issue introduced in 1.5.0 release


  • Add inline debug tracker
  • Fix deprecated functions - changed rss.php by feed.php and split() by extract()
  • Fix video description parser for new YouTube feed format
  • Fix autoplay for single video bug
  • Fix autoplay for multiple videos to play only first video
  • Code cleanup
  • Update compatibility to WordPress 3.5.1


  • Added option to show preferred quantity of videos
  • Added option to embed classic playlist
  • Added class to video container: universal .ytc_video_container and selective (.ytc_video_first, .ytc_video_mid, .ytc_video_last)
  • Added class to video title .ytc_title
  • Added class to video description text .ytc_description
  • Added class to container for link to channel .ytc_link
  • Added routine to unique random video from channel if displayed more than one video
  • Added option to set et cetera string for shortened video description
  • Changed option for random video to use channel or playlist
  • Fields for width and height converted to number with spinner
  • Improved playlist ID handler


  • Added Czech translation by Ladislav Drábek


  • Add option to show video description below video
  • Add option to shorten video description to N characters
  • Add option to use light theme for controls instead of default dark theme (HTML5 iframe and flash object)
  • Add option to hide annotations from video


  • Add support for playlist full URL
  • Fixed no random video for playlist


  • Fixed z-index problem with flash and iframe object
  • Add option to try to fix 'No items' error
  • Add donate button in options dialog


  • Fixed number of items for random video (min 1, max 50)
  • Fixed no-controls for HTML5 iframe


  • Added option to use the playlist instead of channel (suggested by Stacy)


  • Ported to WordPress 3.2.1
  • Added option to set maximum number of items for random video
  • Version changed from major.minor.micro to to major.minor format
  • Adds Spanish translation


  • Uses selected() instead of if [dimadin]
  • Uses sprintf for better i18n [dimadin]
  • Wraps some strings in gettext [dimadin]
  • Adds textdomain and loads it [dimadin]
  • Adds target="_blank" for channel link [dimadin]
  • Adds option to open channel link in popup
  • Uses plugin_dir_url() instead of guessing of location [dimadin]
  • Loads widget in its own function [dimadin]
  • Adds Serbian translation


  • Option to display random video from channel


  • Fixed option to toggle video title visibility
  • Added option to hide controls for iframe and object videos
  • Added option to hide video info
  • Enabled autostart for iframe and object videos


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.8.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0
Last Updated: 2014-7-26
Downloads: 104,747


3 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars


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