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WWPass for WordPress

WWPass authentication plugin for WordPress

  1. Download the WWPass WordPress Plugin from WWPass Developers site under the Downloads section.
  2. There are two options to upload the plugin to a server:
    1. Unzip the WWPass WordPress Plugin zip archive (.zip) file and place its contents in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
    2. Log in to your own WordPress Administrator Dashboard and navigate to the Plugins -> Add New page. Click the Upload tab at the top of the page and click Browse... Select the downloaded WWPass WordPress Plugin zip archive (.zip) and click Open.
  3. Activate the plugin using WordPress Dashboard/Plugins.
  4. WWPass Plugin for WordPress requires a WWPass Service Provider ID. You can either use your existing Service Provider ID or create a new one by visiting WWPass Developers site.
  5. Create a new directory on your server. It is recommended to create this directory outside of your web server DocumentRoot. Upload your WWPass SPID credentials - key (.key), certificate (.crt) and certificate authority (wwpass_ca.crt) files - to the newly created directory. It is recommended to use an encrypted connection (SSL/TLS) to upload WWPass SPID credentials.
  6. If the configuration of your server does not allow to store files outside of DocumentRoot, access to the uploaded files should be restricted. For example, if your web-server is running Apache you can create an .htaccess file with the following contents in the directory with the key and certificate files:

    deny from all

    In any other cases contact technical support of your web hosting provider or a system administrator which supports your server.

  7. Login to WordPress using an account with administrative privileges and configure your WWPass plugin using Dashboard/Settings/WWPass. Enter paths to the credential files into corresponding fields of the form and click "Check and save settings".

The administrator configuration options are mapped below:

Path to WWPass SPID Private Key (.key) Service Provider ID (SPID) Private Key, issued by WWPass

Path to WWPass SPID Certificate (.crt) Service Provider ID (SPID) Certificate, issued by WWPass

Path to WWPass Certificate Authority (ca.crt) WWPass RootCA Certificate. Can be downloaded from WWPass Developers site

Authentication with WWPass access code If enabled, forces users to input their WWPass Access Code when authenticating (recommended)

Requires: 2.8.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-6-24
Downloads: 175


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