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What is Zingsphere?

Zingsphere is a social media site like none other, providing readers and bloggers the opportunity to unite like never before in the blogosphere, while enhancing both the online reading experience and the art of blogging. Zingsphere is this and so much more...

Information source

Zingsphere is an information source like no other, bringing you fresh news, blog articles, trends and information on just about everything occurring in the blogosphere. Whether you have special interests or your curiosity spans the globe, you can find information from topic experts regarding news, entertainment, tools and technology, business, politics, sports, health, humor, travel, shopping, lifestyle and more.

Ranking a la readership behavior

Zingsphere is a site that measures, determines and displays the degree of appeal of blog articles based on actual readership behavior within the social blogosphere in real time, as information occurs and unfolds. Zingsphere does this by using a unique, unbiased, automated, degree of appeal measurement system.

Zingsphere defines "degree of appeal" as the degree to which blog articles are entwined and interconnected (kind of like the roots of a willow tree and keeping with the theory of 6 degrees of separation).

Evolved hunter and gatherer

Zingsphere finds and displays trends and events that are happening before anybody else based on the popularity, appeal and interest of blog articles. Zingsphere does this by observing the momentum of readers as they navigate the blogosphere.

With Zingsphere, you can discover articles that the real world readership community as a whole currently finds relevant, interesting and of merit in the blogosphere. Zingsphere measures the previously unheard and authentic voice of you, the reader.

No noise

When bloggers join Zingsphere, their blog articles are tracked and measured according to their readers' readership behavior, allowing readers the opportunity to find articles with widespread appeal. Zingsphere filters out the noise so as to elevate articles with actual influence and impact, instead of focusing on articles with the largest view count or most links.

One of a kind

Any search engine can find article key words and rank articles according to how many other bloggers link them, but that doesn’t tell you what readers actually want to see. SEOs (Search Engine Optimizers) take advantage and manipulate links often causing mediocrity to rise above true merit.

Other sites rely entirely on people finding interesting articles to submit so that other readers can vote on what they find most interesting based on those articles submitted. Unlike Zingsphere, these voting sites suffer the issue of polarization. The readership community inevitably becomes divided and groupthink mentality occurs (only articles that conform to the groups’ interests are pushed to the top and competing ideas are pushed out). Zingsphere does not suffer from this problem since it uses an impartial and unbiased measurement in seeking out what has both appeal and is of current interest.

How does Zingsphere work?

Bloggers simply install one of Zingsphere's free widgets and then Zingsphere is able to track and measure the blogger's audience behavior.

In doing so, Zingsphere is able to compare the behavioral interest level of all articles between all blogs.

Not like other sites

Other sites measurement tools rely on readers installing tracking software so they can extrapolate popularity based on statistical sampling. This means that the sample data is self-selected since only those with knowledge of the tool report information. The sample size is so small statistically that it is only valuable in comparing popularity of major websites, without the statistical ability to rank the popularity of smaller blogs, let alone the popularity of individual articles within each small blog.

Clever widgets that work wonders!

Zingsphere offers a variety of useful and cleverly designed widgets for bloggers to use on their blog, which also serve to provide bloggers with valuable insight and measurements of their blog. Furthermore, Zingsphere offers bloggers the option of arranging themselves into groups and offers widgets that can display the articles with the most appeal within that group.

What can Zingsphere do for you?

For Bloggers:

  • Measure your articles' appeal
  • Expand and grow your readership and profile
  • Drive and generate traffic
  • Promote content
  • Gain exposure and notoriety
  • Build camaraderie
  • Network
  • Build your brand
  • Collect data
  • See how your articles fair amongst your peers
  • Open up your blog to the blogosphere in a brand new way

For Readers:

  • Be informed and stay informed
  • Discover what has appeal
  • Find stuff that interests you
  • Track upcoming articles
  • Organize blogs into groups
  • Follow, filter and compare those groups
  • Collect data
  • Research, compare, contrast, analyze
  • Be part of a new online community unlike any other

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2013-3-14
Downloads: 316


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