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A Restaurant Plugin (not only for Pizza). Maintain your Menu (sizes, prices, categories). Accept COD orders. Multisite, Multilingual, WPML compatible.


  1. Download the plugin and upload the entire wppizza folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
    Alternatively you can download and install WPPizza using the built in WordPress plugin installer.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  3. You will find all configuration and menu options in your administration sidebar

Things to do on first install

although some defaults will be installed and set when first installing this plugin, you will have to configure some things to make it play nicely in your theme
Note: you might want to start with Option 1 first, as you can always use Option 2 later

  • Option 1 - using normal pages: easier to setup initially, but more labour intensive to maintain in the long run

    To get you started quickly and to help you decide if you like this plugin, the following defaults are being created on first install:

    • some default categories
    • some default menu items per category
    • pages that display the items in any given category (including the required shortcode)
    • an order page to send any orders to you via email (including the required shortcode)
    • a default list of additives that a menu item might have
    • a selection of available meal sizes
    • as well as default opening times, order settings etc.
    • display the shoppingcart somewhere on those pages (typically in a sidebar) using the wppizza widget (using type:cart) or the following shortcode: [wppizza type='cart']

    to be able to add items to your shopping cart make sure that ALL pages that display your menu items have the shopping cart displayed somewhere
    However, you will most likely NOT want to display the shopping cart on the final order page. If your theme does not allow to adjust this - via templates for example - use one of the many WP plugins available that lets you choose which widget to display on which page

    • if the cart displays "currently closed" adjust your opening times in wppizza->settings->openingtimes (and make sure your timezone settings are correct)
    • make sure the navigation to those pages gets displayed somewhere (this will normally already be the case - usually by some pagelist or menu ).

    that should be it.......

    NOTE: some themes (custom community for example) require that you distinctly save the automatically inserted pages again (i.e "order page", etc) to generate the right markup and display correctly. So if the layout is messed up on initial install, try to just save those pages once and see if that fixes things.

  • Option 2 - using templates:

    • copy your themes 'page.php' file as 'wppizza-wrapper.php' into your theme directory(if your theme does not have a page.php file, look for archive.php or even index.php)
    • open /wppizza/templates/wppizza-wrapper.php and copy everything between [copy from here .....] to [...........copy to here]
    • place this snippet in the 'wppizza-wrapper.php' file we created above in your theme directory, REPLACING the original loop (including the while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); or similar part)
    • display the navigation by either using the widget (type:navigation) or a shortcode [wppizza type='navigation']
    • ensure you still have an order page that includes the following shortcode [wppizza type='orderpage'] and wppizza->settings->order settings: 'order page' is set to use this page (you might have to re-save your permalink settings)
    • ensure - as outlined in Option 1 - that you are displaying your shopping cart
    • if you wish , you can now delete all wppizza default pages EXCEPT THE ORDER PAGE. However,if using permalinks, you might want to keep the parent page (default: Our Menu) and set the permalinks in wppizza->settings to this page. If you do, make sure to update permalinks structure once.

    Now you do not have to maintain any wppizza category pages, or navigation when adding new categories or menu items to wppizza as it's all taken care of automagically.

PS: you might have to adjust the css to work within your theme.
see FAQ: "Can I edit the css ?" for details


Please note:
although all options, menu items and menu categories get deleted from the database along with the table that holds any orders you may have received, you will manually have to delete any additional pages (such as the order page for example) that have been created as i have no way of knowing if you are using this page elsewhere or have changed the content/name of it.
the same goes for the 3 example icons that come with this plugin as you might have used them elsewhere.

Requires: PHP 5.3, WP 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-6-18
Downloads: 14,212


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4.9 out of 5 stars


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