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A Restaurant Plugin (not only for Pizza). Maintain your Menu (sizes, prices, categories). Accept COD orders. Multisite, Multilingual, WPML compatible.

Can I edit the css ?

although the css has been written so that it works with many themes out of the box (see http://www.wp-pizza.com - all themes use the same default stylesheet) you might want to adjust some things here and there to work with your theme (especially if you want to support older browsers).
if you do, copy the wppizza/css/wppizza-default.source.css (or wppizza/css/wppizza-responsive.source.css if using the responsive style) as wppizza-default.css (or wppizza-responsive.css) to your theme directory (so it does not get overwritten by future updates of the plugin) and edit as required.

alternatively (and possibly better as any future updates to the main css will still be reflected), just copy wppizza-custom.css to your theme directory (or child theme directory if used as of v2.8.9.7) and only overwrite the styles you need to override.

(this file will be read AFTER the main default.css). "Include css" has to be enabled for this to apply

PS: Optionally as of version - you could use a subdirectory called wppizza for all your customised wppizza templates.

Can I use this plugin when I am not using english on my site ?

of course you can.
although the administration backend is currently only available in a few other languages apart from english (albeit translation ready, contact me if you want to help me translating it into a different language), you can have the frontend in whatever language you want. just go to wppizza->settings->localization and edit the variables as required. Furthermore, WPPizza is WPML compatible.

How do I sort the categories ?

go to: wppizza->categories in the administration and drag and drop. If you wish to have subcategories, edit the required category and select the appropriate parent.

How do I add a menu item ?

go to: wppizza->add new
add title, description, any preservatives the item might have (editable from wppizza->settings->additives), select pricetier (editable from wppizza->settings->meal sizes) and add prices as required.
make sure to also select at least one category.
if you wish to add an image, either set a featured image for this menu item (if available in your theme) or add an image as normal in your description.
the size of the featured image displayed will depend on your thumbnail size set in settings->media: thumbnail size if your theme does not allow featured images, and you are adding pictures directly into the description, you might want to turn off "display placeholder image" in wppizza->settings->layout
alternatively, add " add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails'); " (without the quotes) to your themes function.php file

Can I just display the menu without offering online order ?

Just don't display the shoppingcart anywhere. If you choose to do this, you might also want to delete any orderpage you might have (as there's nothing to order).
Alternatively, if you still want to show the cart (to show combined prices/taxes/discounts) but want to disable ordering, you could copy wppizza-custom.css to your them directory and add ".wppizza-cart-button{display:none}" without the quotes to it. You can probably also achieve the same thing by using a combination of the layout and/or order setting options available from within the plugin. You would still probably want to delete/hide your order page or at least disable all your gateways

I'm using the plugin with xyz theme and it's all messed up

first thing to try (if you haven't done so already): re-save the pages WPPizza has created
(I'm NOT talking about the WPPizza Categories and Menu Item Pages, but the pages that display a list of your item - typically a page that has somthing like [wppizza -some attributes-] on it)

make sure your theme (or one of your plugins) does not use an old version of jQuery (some themes/plugins override the version that comes bundled with wordpress - no, i don't know either why they would do that)

If that still doesn't help, you might have to adjust the CSS (see 'Can I edit the css ?' above)

If you have problems, send me a link to your site I'll have a look...

can i send html emails ?

go to wppizza->settings and change "Select Type of Mail Delivery" to "HTML and plaintext"
if you do , you probably want to edit the html template. To do so, move "wppizza-order-html-email.php" from the wppizza template directory to your theme folder and edit as required
if you want to use smtp, do the same with "wppizza-phpmailer-settings.php" and edit as needed

What are the available shortcodes ?

in case where you cannot or do not want to use a widget, here are the corresponding shortcodes:

  • display orderpage


    • type='orderpage' (required [str])

    example: [wppizza type='orderpage']

  • display items in category


    • category='pizza' (optional: '[category-slug]'. if omitted, will display the first category)
    • noheader='1' (optional: 'anything'. omit attribute to show header. will suppress header (category title and description) in wppizza-loop.php. you can globally hide all category headers by setting "suppress headers" in wppizza->settings->layout.)
    • showadditives='0' (optional: '0' or '1'. if omitted, a list of additives will be displayed if any of the category items has additives added. if set (0 or 1): force to display/hide additives list. useful when displaying more than 1 category on a page)
    • exclude='6,5,8' (optional [comma separated menu item id's]): exclude some id's
    • include='6,5,8' (optional [comma separated menu item id's]): include only these id's (overrides exclude)
    • note: if you want to edit the category loop and/or headers, copy wppizza-loop.php from the plugins template directory into your theme directory and edit it there.

    example: [wppizza category='pizza' noheader='1' showadditives='0' exclude='6,5,8']

  • display openingtimes (returns grouped opening times in a string):


    • type='openingtimes' (required [str])

    example: [wppizza type='openingtimes']

  • display shopping cart


    • type='cart' (required [str])
    • stickycart='1' (optional[bool]: anything. if its defined the cart will always be in viewpoint even when scrolling)
    • openingtimes='1' (optional[bool]: anything. if its defined openingtimes get displayed above cart)
    • orderinfo=1 (optional[bool]: anything. if its defined order info (discounts free delivery etc) get displayed below cart)
    • width='200px' (optional[str]: value in px or % -> defaults to 100%) (although < 150px is probably bad)
    • height='200' (optional[str]: value in px -> defaults to 250px)

    example: [wppizza type='cart' openingtimes='1' orderinfo='1' width='90%' height='350']

  • display the navigation (when using template files , see What to do on first install ? -> option 2):


    • type='navigation' (required [str])
    • title='some title' (optional[str]: will render as h2 as first element in cart element if set)
    • parent='slug-name' (optionsl [str]): only show child categories of this slug
    • exclude='6,5,8' (optional [comma separated category id's]): exclude some id's

    example: [wppizza type='navigation' title='some title' parent='slug-name' exclude='6,5,8']

Shortcodes do not work in widgets ?

Some Themes do not have shortcode support enabled in text widgets.
To enable, either add this line to the functions.php of your theme;

add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

or use one of the wordpress plugins available here for example, that do this

Can I edit the templates ?

Sure, if you want.
Just make sure you copy the relevant template from wppizza/templates/ to your theme directory (or as of version child theme directory if used) and edit those, so you don't loose your edits when the plugin gets updated. Make sure to read the comments in the relevant files.

Preferably though - if at all possible - I would suggest to use css and/or some of the action hooks provided to be able to take advantage of any possible future updates or improvements of those templates

How do the orders get to my restaurant ?

by email.
if you need them to be sent by fax for example you will have to look into integrating your orders with a fax2email gateway. (search for it on your favourite search engine)

Where do I set the images for any particular menu item?

just use the "featured image" for a menu item
if you do not have this options it's either hidden (go to "screen options" at the top of the page to enable/show it) or your theme does not have thumbnails enabled (tell the author about it. not my fault) if the auther doesnt want to or cannot do anything about it, you can also try just to put the following code at the bottom of your themes function file (before the closing ?> if any )


My shop doesn't do Pizzas, how do I change the name and icon in the administration panel ?

  • to change the name (i.e WPPizza) just add "define('WPPIZZA_NAME', 'The Name You Want');" to your wp-config.php
  • to change the WPPizza Menu Icon in Admin Panel next to the Name just add "define('WPPIZZA_MENU_ICON', 'http://path/to/icon.png');" to your wp-config.php

using a cache plugin

  • if you are using a cache plugin, you MUST exclude your order page from being cached
  • you will probably also want to enable "I am using a caching plugin" in wppizza->settings

How can I submit a bug, ask for help or request a new feature?

- leave a message on the <a href="http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/wppizza">wordpress forum</a> and I'll respond asap.  
- send an email to dev[at]wp-pizza.com with as much info as you can give me or 
- use the "contact us" or "feature request" page on <a href="http://www.wp-pizza.com/">www.wp-pizza.com</a>

Requires: PHP 5.2, WP 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9
Last Updated: 2014-4-17
Downloads: 10,795


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4.9 out of 5 stars


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