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Upload content to your YouTube account and easily embed content without having to leave your WordPress dashboard.

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All new URL parameter customizer! When embedding content onto your pages, you can now pick and choose how to display your YouTube player. Set the YouTube video to autoplay, hide the player controls, set a start and end time, set a default video quality, loop the video and MUCH MORE!

We built the URL customizer right into the flow of the embed process. Select the checkboxes of the parameters you wish to use, and off you go! Its that simple.

Video Demo

YouTube Plus is the the most intricate YouTube plugin to date. Although other plugins allow you to simply embed YouTube videos, none allow you to upload content to YouTube or maintin your YouTube account directly the WordPress dashboard. No other free plugin exists like YouTube Plus.

If you maintain a WordPress site centered around video hosted on YouTube then this is the plugin for you. You'll never have to leave your WordPress blog to upload new content to YouTube or to embed YouTube content into posts again. Everything you need to maintain your video centric site is here. Upload new content to YouTube, delete old content from your YouTube account, get other YouTube users videos and even track your YouTube analytics right from the WordPress dashboard.

YouTube Plus comes with great documentation if you run into any issues, and great support from the developer.

Browse Your Account

-You can access and browse through your recently uploaded YouTube content. From here you can preview your YouTube content, delete them or embed YouTube content them into a new post.

-Before embeding any video into a post, users can preview them to confirm that it is, infact, the video they intended to embed.

-Now you can delete content from your YouTube account right from the WordPress dashboard. No need to leave your blog to go remove videos from YouTube. Just find the video you want to remove...select 'Delete Video', and *it is instantly removed from your YouTube account.

Upload New Content

Upload new content to your personal YouTube account straight from your WordPress dashboard. Through the use of the three step content uploader users will have new content uploaded to their YouTube account in no time!

After your content has been uploaded and processed by YouTube you are then able to immediatly embed any that content into a new post. The YouTube Plus uploader comes with built in validation and error checking so your videos will be uploaded correctly everytime.

Delete Existing Content

With YouTube Plus you can delete existing content from your YouTube account through by requesting a YouTube access token and clicking the delete button. We have built in validation so only you can delete content from your YouTube account. When clicking the delete button a user is granted a 1 hour YouTube access token which will allow them to remove content as they please from there YouTube account for the hour. After the hour is up the user simply needs to refresh there YouTube access token (by requesting a new one) and they can continue maintaining there YouTube with ease.

Keep Up With Your Favorite Users

You may add up to 4 alternate YouTube accounts to keep track of. After adding the YouTube accounts in the settings page their 25 most recently uploaded YouTube content will appear inside of recent uploads, below your account content.

This is extremely helpful if you consistently re-post or share your favorite YouTube videos on your blog. You can 'follow' users and keep updated with there most recent uploads, and embed their YouTube content right into your posts with ease.

Browse YouTube Analytics (beta)

Through the YouTube Plus analytics section you can track important YouTube analytic information for the 25 most recent uploaded videos. The analytics section comes with a fully interactive world map and tons of metric information displayed in tables. The analytics section provides users with such important information as:

  1. Upload new content directly to your YouTube account without ever having to leave your WordPress environment.
  2. Views Per Video
  3. Views Per Country of all your YouTube videos
  4. Total Likes/Dis-Likes on a YouTube video
  5. Total Comments on a YouTube video
  6. Top Performing Videos on your YouTube channel
  7. Total Number Of Favorites of all your YouTube videos
  8. Mins. Watched of all your YouTube videos

Insert New+Existing Content Directly Into Posts

New Content: After a user has uploaded a video to their YouTube account they then have the option of embeding that video directly in to a new post, or just leaving it there for later access. This saves the user a plethora of time by streamlining the process of uploading new content to YouTube and then embeding that content into a new post. Now everything can take place in one spot, within the WordPress Dashboard.

Existing Content: If you have previously uploaded content on your YouTube account, you can easily access the latest 25 videos where you can embed them into the post or preview them in a new tab. This is an extremely useful feature for users who maintain video heavy sites and need to grab past uploaded YouTube videos for inclusion in new posts.

SEO Friendly

YouTube Plus allows for SEO friendly video content. After embedding YouTube content anywhere in your theme, search engines will locate and index the video accordingly. By using YouTube plus all of your content gets the correct title, description, tags and thumbnail image that will be picked up by all of the popular search engines including Google.


  1. Upload new content directly to your YouTube account without ever having to leave your WordPress environment.
  2. Manage and maintain the content on your YouTube account. Easily deleting YouTube content is a breeze!
  3. Easily embed new or previously uploadedYouTube videos right into posts or pages with a click of the mouse.
  4. Input other YouTube accounts to follow, and easily embed there content into your posts.
  5. Easily see the total number views and likes per video.
  6. YouTube email/password validation utility on settings page
  7. Very simple and intuitive interface
  8. Access your YouTube analytics data (beta)
  9. Responsive YouTube videos
  10. Browse, Upload and Embed YouTube content all from within the media modal when creating new posts or pages.


Customizations can also be made per YouTube video embedded by adding addition attributes to the embed URL as shown below. Adding these will override the defaults:

Future Release Features

  1. YouTube embed URL customizer when embedding content
  2. Edit existing Youtube content (title, description etc.) from within YouTube Plus
  3. YouTube Search
  4. Lazy load of YouTube videos to increase page load speeds
  5. Front end YouTube uploader

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Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9
Last Updated: 2014-4-17
Downloads: 11,274


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