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Easy management of 125x125 ads on your blog. Ads can be run for a specified number of days, and will automatically be taken down. Track clicks too.

What if I don't want to arrange my ads in one OR two columns?

If you want to arrange your ads in an unconventional manner, you can use the <?php wp125_single_ad(num); ?> template tag (replace "num" with the number of an ad slot). The tag will return one ad with minimal formatting (simply ). You can use multiple instances of the tag in your template to set lay your ad slots out in whatever way you choose.

One of my ads hit it's expiration date. Where did it go?

When an ad's time duration is over, it disappears off your site, and is removed from the Active ads page in the WordPress admin. To access the record, just click the "Inactive" link on the Manage screen. The page should update to show all of your inactive ads.

What if I don't want an ad to be taken down automatically?

Just select "I'll remove it manually" for the expiration date when you go to create the ad.

How do I style my ads different than the default?

First, uncheck the Default Style box on the Settings page. This will remove the default styling. Next, make use of your mad CSS skills to re-style the ads. Here's what the default CSS looks like:

/* Styles for one-column display */
#wp125adwrap_1c { width:100%; }
#wp125adwrap_1c .wp125ad { margin-bottom:10px; }

/* Styles for two-column display */
#wp125adwrap_2c { width:100%; }
#wp125adwrap_2c .wp125ad { width:125px; float:left; padding:10px; }

How do I make the ads open in a new window?

If you absolutely must have your ads open in a new window when clicked, open the wp125.php file and find the define(... line near the top and remove the first // from the beginning.

Why is the Slot dropdown missing when I try to add a new banner?

Turn off AdBlock. It indiscriminately zaps page elements containing the word "ad," which means you're going to have a bad time managing ads...

My ads don't appear in two columns, even though I have the option set! How do I fix this?

The parent DIV that the ad code is inside probably isn't wide enough. You really need a minimum of 250px of horizontal space to have two ad columns, more if you use the default CSS. You could try reducing the CSS padding around the ads from 10px to something lower.

#wp125adwrap_2c .wp125ad { padding:4px; }

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-5-30
Downloads: 526,316


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4.2 out of 5 stars


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