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Advanced CSV Importer With Ultimate User Friendly Features

Advanced CSV Importer plugin to import data as bulk post, page, custom post etc., simple clicks even for multisite and buddypress blog.

Version 3.5.2 is now available with all reported bug fixes. Give a try today and Leave your thoughts, comments, review and feed back here

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin proven much effective advanced CSV File Importer With Ultimate User Friendly Features. It is much easy now even for newbies to import any csv file as any wordpress post type and associated fields by simple mapping feature. Now import any CSV file as thousands of post, page and custom post types. This is admin side free plugin helps you in bulk edit, create and import posts type for your blog or site.

Video Walkthrough


  • Drag drop import
  • Define any type of post
  • Control post status (Publish, Private, Pending, Draft, Stciky and Protected)
  • Simple yet Powerful mapping feature
  • Convert any csv import as perfect posts and fields
  • Scheduled Publishing
  • Duplicate Title and content handling
  • Multi Lingual import (CSV format must be UTF-8 without BOM)
  • Mutisite and Buddypress also supported now
  • Compatible to wordpress themes
  • Better alternative for xml
  • Post Format(Not available now)

Power Import Features to Control your csv import

  • Post title, content and even excerpt
  • Text, WYSIWYG/HTML, inline CSS in post content
  • Images, Youtube, Videos in post content
  • Featured image by Url
  • Multi authors
  • Multiple tags and categories
  • Non existing tags and categories are created automatically
  • Any Short Codes in post content
  • Assign sidebar widget, slider, slideshow as shortcodes
  • Manual slug feature for SEO friendly urls
  • Different post status for each post in CSV file.
  • Custom fields support for WP standard
  • Map custom fields by adding new on the fly.

The csv importer supports almost every wordpress modules and plugin fields as follows. Import data feed periodically from csv file as

Supported Core Modules and Attributes

  • Post
  • Page
  • Standard WP Custom Post types
  • WordPress themes custom posts
  • Custom post type UI plugin Post types
  • Users with roles
  • Comments
  • Custom Fields
  • Author
  • Tags
  • Categories

It is more easy to convert any off line database maintained in Excel xls or spread sheets into valuable content for your web site without missing any. It is possible now to schedule a periodical content update, maintenance, prices, offers, coupons and inventory etc.

About Version 3.5.0

  • Extended user experience
  • Better performance
  • No more time out issues
  • Advanced Log for proper tracking
  • Drag drop import
  • Advanced CMS administration

Much improved User interface with most flexible jquery plugin features and bootstrap UI design makes csv import more simple, easy, fast and even more flexible for better user experience. With improved Multi site, buddy press compatibility (except user import module) works well for most of the best wordpress themes available online. Now manage multisite & buddypress, amazon data import, affiliates blog, product inventory, ecommerce store, multi author blog, automatic news import, photo blog etc periodically with simple click import.

Extended Pro Power Features in Wp Ultimate CSV Importer

  • Auto Schedule all your Imports
  • Save mapping as Templates for reuse
  • Auto Mapping Feature
  • Strict UTF-8 auto conversion
  • All In One SEO Fields Import
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast Fields Import
  • Custom Post Type UI plugin import
  • Advanced Custom Fields Import
  • CCTM Posts and Fields Import
  • Woocommerce CSV Importer,
  • eshop CSV Importer
  • wp ecommerce Products CSV Importer with WP e-Commerce Custom Fields
  • Categories & tags Import with Category icons plugin support
  • Custom Taxonomy import
  • Get Complete List of supported 3rd party plugins here
  • Types and more supports are in pipeline

Read More about Pro>> or Test Drive Our Live Demo

Imp. Notes

  • It is advised to remove older version files completely and install/reinstall version 3.5.0.
  • All CSV files should be should be strictly UTF-8 CSV format.
  • All wordpress supported languages can imported with csv format as UTF-8 without BOM (See FAQ for instructions).
  • User import option is switched off in multi site mode.
  • To Schedule posts for publishing provide future date and time in date column in CSV File.

Featured Image Support Your wordpress theme should support featured image. If not, please add the following code to where you need to display E.g. wp-contents/themes/header.php

<?php add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' ); ?>

Also you can follow the instructions as given here

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Requires: 3.6.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-4-7
Downloads: 83,874


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4.7 out of 5 stars


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