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!This plugin hasn't been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

WP Tweet Button

The WordPress implementation of the official Twitter Tweet Button.


  • Added SSL support.


  • Fixed Google Tracking link.
  • Updated preview images.


  • Added option for blogs experiencing character encoding issues.


  • Added option to exclude button blow posts in the archives (No After in Archives)
  • Optimized code resulting in cleaner text cuts
  • Added support for %POSTCONTENT% variable in tweet customizations
  • Added "Long Tweet Mode" (In case you don't want to use %POSTCONTENT% as your "Custom text"). This allows you to auto-tweet the first part of your content followed by a link that takes the reader to the entry on your site.
  • Links are included in all Autotweets by default. Option to select action has been removed.


  • Added support for # Analytics query delimiter (for people that use setAllowAnchor). Enabling this option may require clearing your shortlink cache by using the "Delete all previously saved shortlinks when I save." option.
  • Prevents id duplication when forcing manual placement.


  • Contains Bugfix related to stuck shorturls after previewing post.


  • Added option to use author configured twitter account as recommended user.
  • Added RPC publishing auto-tweet support.
  • Added oAuth enabled Goo.gl tracking under Advanced Settings.

  • Added goo.gl support (requires PHP json)
  • Cleaned up some code.
  • Added validation tests.
  • Resolves issue where superfluous requests to shorteners are sent.
  • Additional settings for auto-tweeting.
  • hasbutton bugfix in manual placement


  • New feature allows admins to set default twitter account, ignoring author settings.


  • Bugfix related to shortlinks and links on main page.

  • Improved shortlink handling in WordPress 3.1. Shortlink settings in this plugin can be set as universal by checking the "Add rel=shortlink to head" box.


  • Addresses issue related to related users.
  • Addresses issue related to Transposh Translation and short URLs.
  • Addresses issue related to links on main blog page.

  • Addresses issue where a single shortlinks is generated and saved for all posts on the main page.
  • Added option to clear shortlink cache per post/page.


  • Transposh Translation Filter support.
  • Added option to remove styles in RSS feeds.
  • Improved compatibility with All in One SEO (thanks to monodistortion)


  • Bugfix related to Auto-Tweeting and custom menus.
  • Added option to delete all previously saved shortlinks.


  • Fix for sites that don't have PHP5.


  • Supports Auto-Tweeting.
  • Supports rel="shortlink"
  • Supports exclusion by custom post type.
  • Added option to strip www from WordPress 3.0 shortener.
  • Added option to disable wp.org shortener.
  • Resolves issue with blogs where home is not the front page.
  • Bugfix for awe.sm users (keys should be entered).

  • Bugfix for sites that don't use permalinks.


  • Added option to place script in footer instead of header.
  • Faster execution due to code optimization.
  • Additional filters added allowing developers to add their own URL shorteners.
  • Removed IDN URL from the tweet button at the bottom of the config page.

  • Support for PHP versions lower than 5.
  • Bug fix for sites with multiple users.


  • Added "Force manual placement" option.
  • Added rel="me" option.
  • Added %BLOGHASHTAGS% and %BLOGHASHCATS% options.
  • Added support for no-javascript clients as an option.
  • Adjusted for Twitter's new javascript.

  • Added awe.sm support.

  • Added j.mp support.


  • Typos and spelling. No functionality updates.


  • Google Analytics support for campaigns.
  • Added more placement options (archives, search, excerpts).
  • Option to exclude button from the bottom of posts on front page when before and after is selected.
  • Templating related bug fixes.
  • Users can set custom hook priority for advanced positioning.


  • test builds classified as 1.9.2


  • Saves options in an array (fewer DB requests)
  • Resolves quotes bug.
  • Option to add rel for SEO.
  • Better RSS support.
  • Better templating support.
  • Added hooks for developers: wp_tweet_button_long_url, wp_tweet_button_url, wp_tweet_button
  • Supports output in data tags.
  • only supporting manual placement inside the loop.
  • built-in alignment.
  • Caching options for WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.


  • More discreet controls for post/page edit screens.
  • Added support to disable button for mobile browsing using WPTouch
  • counturl support added for consistent url counts across URL shorteners


  • Object oriented codebase
  • Removed need for JSON library (Resolves issues with some hosts)
  • Button on posts is a switchable option.
  • Uses newer bit.ly API.
  • Uses simplified su.pr API.
  • Supports excerpt compatibility for poorly written templates.


  • Minor plugin conflict resolved.
  • Fixed incompatibility bug for WP2.8 users.
  • Fixed bit.ly save bug.
  • Added support for WordPress 3 shortener functions.
  • Authors can configure their own Twitter accounts on their profile pages.
  • Added referral formatting options.
  • Added support for optional URL shrinking services: b2l.me, bit.ly, cli.gs, sl.ly, snipr.com, su.pr, tinyurl.com
  • Added support for the Twitter Friendly Links Plugin
  • Added support for the YOURLS: WordPress to Twitter Plugin
  • using wp_register_script for widgets.js


  • Custom tweet text bug fix
  • Option for each blog post to have its own custom tweet text.
  • Custom tweet texts can include tags like %POSTTITLE% and %BLOGTITLE%


  • Option box in posts included for easy configuration of Tweet Button per post.
  • Option box includes optional disabling of tweet button per post.
  • Option box includes recommended user and description.


  • RSS feed option
  • No more default CSS
  • Internationalization
  • Fixed manual content missing bug.
  • Added better control of tweet text.
  • Cosmetic changes.


  • Added support for recommendations.
  • Added support for custom recommendations for each post (Read FAQ).


  • Cosmetic changes to the settings screen.
  • Tweet Button Language enabled


  • First build

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.1.4
Last Updated: 2011-5-7
Downloads: 160,083


3 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars


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