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WP Symposium Toolbar

The Ultimate Toolbar Plugin - And the WordPress Toolbar can finally be part of your Social Network site

When do I need this plugin?

You need this plugin when you'd like to take advantage from its main features: per-role settings and custom menus, as well as its styling settings. When you'd like to hide some of the WP Toolbar default items: the WP logo, the Comments icon (e.g. if comments are totally deactivated on your site, or replaced with a forum), the authors' icons (e.g. if your theme provides these links lower in the page). When you'd like to add or remove items from the User Menu. When you'd like to add a corporate menu in the upper left corner with your own icon. When you'd like to add navigation functionality to the Toolbar. When you'd like the Toolbar to show different information and links based on membership level. Etc...

When don't I need this plugin?

You don't need this plugin if your sole aim is to hide the WP Toolbar. There are other, smaller plugins that are targetted for that, or eventually you could achieve this with a few lines in your theme's functions.php file - google it.

With such a level of functionalities, this plugin must be a resources hog?

Performances have been addressed as best as possible. Most of the job of the plugin is performed off-line upon saving options from the options page. The remaining, dynamic part of the job is performed at page load: all it has to do is take the information or menu, and send it for display if the user can access it.

I have activated your plugin, set the option to show the Toolbar to my role, however I can't see the Toolbar in the frontend !

In WPS Toolbar settings, make sure the Toolbar should actually show for the role you are using. Even if you already did this, check again.

There's a personal setting in the WP profile page for each user to show or hide it independantly, the plugin doesn't enforce this setting so if it's hidden from there, it won't show.

Some themes will interfere with the WP Toolbar, some will even stop it from showing at all. Likewise for plugins, but you should be a little more aware of what the plugins you installed do. If unsure, switch to the WordPress default theme, deactivate all plugins but WPS Toolbar, and check if the Toolbar now shows in the frontend.

According to my settings, the admin role should see the Search icon, however I can't see it !

It will show only in the frontend and not in the backend, have you checked in the frontend, really ?

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-4-19
Downloads: 7,359


4 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars


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