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WP Statistics

Complete statistics for your WordPress site.


  • Added: Total visitors by country to the push pins on the overview map.
  • Added: Statistical reports can now be sent to a custom list of e-mail addresses instead of just the administrator.
  • Added: JQVMap option for the overview map.
  • Fixed: Additional WP_DEBUG warnings cleaned up.
  • Fixed: Google map would sometimes only use part of the area to draw the map in the overview page.
  • Updated: Statistical report schedules are now listed by occurrence instead of randomly.
  • Updated: Vertical alignment of statistical report option label column now correct.
  • Updated: Various grammatical updates.
  • Updated: Overview map now limits the number of visitors to five per country.
  • Updated: Persian (fa_IR) language.


  • Added: clearch.org search provider, disabled by default.
  • Added: Database tab to optmization page to manually add unique index on the visitors table removed in 7.0.3.
  • Updated: Additional WP_DEBUG message fixes.
  • Updated: Overview widgets no longer overflows on smaller displays.
  • Updated: Charts now properly resize when the browser window does.


  • Fixed: Typo in table definition of visitor table's UAString field.


  • Added: Extra check that the co-efficient setting is valid.
  • Updated: Format of the dbDetla scripts to match the guidelines from WordPress, thanks kitchin.
  • Updated: Handled some WP_DEBUG warning messages, thanks kitchin.
  • Updated: Multiple additional WP_DEBUG warning fixes.
  • Updated: Arabic (ar) language.
  • Updated: Polish (pl_PL) language.
  • Fixed: Typo in variable name which causes the robots list to be overwritten with the defaults incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Access role exclusions and search engine exclusions options not displaying correctly in the settings page.
  • Removed: Database upgrade code to add the unique index on the visitors table due to issues with multiple users. Will add back in a future release as a user selectable option.


  • Fixed: Database prefix not being used when creating/updating tables correctly.
  • Fixed: New installs caused an error in the new upgrade code as the visitor table did not exist yet.
  • Fixed: Replaced use of deprecated $table_prefix global during install/update.


  • Fixed: Error during new installations due to $wpdb object not being available.


  • Added: New robots to the robots list: aiHitBot, AntivirusPro, BeetleBot, Blekkobot, cbot, clumboot, coccoc, crowsnest.tv, dbot, dotbot, downloadbot, EasouSpider, Exabot, facebook.com, FriendFeedBot, gimme60bot, GroupHigh, IstellaBot, Kraken, LinkpadBot, MojeekBot, NetcraftSurveyAgent, p4Bot, PaperLiBot, Pimonster, scrapy.org, SearchmetricsBot, SemanticBot, SemrushBot, SiteExplorer, Socialradarbot, SpiderLing, uMBot-LN, Vagabondo, vBSEO, WASALive-Bot, WebMasterAid, WeSEE, XoviBot, YoudaoBot,
  • Added: Overview page can now be customized for what is displayed on a per user basis.
  • Added: Overview tab to the settings page to control what is displayed. This page is available to any user that has read access to WP Statistics.
  • Added: Dutch (nl_NL) translation, thanks Friso van Wieringen.
  • Added: New index on visitor table for existing installs to avoid duplicate entries being created.
  • Added: jqPlot javascript library.
  • Added: Three new schedule options for statistical reports; weekly, bi-weekly and every 4 weeks.
  • Fixed: Some country codes not displaying in the "Top Countries" overview widget/page.
  • Fixed: Export filename contained a colon, which is not a valid character.
  • Fixed: In some cases purging data in the optimization page would succeed but the UI would "re-activate".
  • Updated: All charts now use jqPlot instead of HighCharts so we are now fully GPL compliant.
  • Updated: "Top Referring Sites" on the overview page now only displays if there are entries to be displayed.
  • Updated: "Latest Search Words" on the overview page now only displays if there are entries to be displayed.
  • Updated: "Top Pages Visited" on the overview page now only displays if there are entries to be displayed.
  • Updated: About on the overview page box.
  • Updated: Settings page from css tabs to jQuery tabs.
  • Updated: Settings system (which used individual WordPress settings for each option) to a new unified system (uses a single WordPress setting and stores it as an array)
  • Updated: Optimization page from css tabs to jQuery tabs.
  • Updated: Install/Upgrade code to share a single code base.
  • Updated: Persian (fa_IR) language.
  • Updated: Arabic (ar) language.
  • Updated: rtl.css file for new version.
  • Updated: Lots of code comments.
  • Updated: Statistical report schedule list in settings is now dynamically generated.
  • Updated: WP-Statistics screenshots.
  • Removed: "Alternate map location" setting as it has been made redundant by the new overview display settings.
  • Removed: "Chart type" setting as chart types are now hard coded to the appropriate type for the data.
  • Removed: HighCharts javascript library.
  • Removed: Unused function objectToArray().


  • Added: Display of the current memory_limit setting from php.ini in the optimization page.
  • Added: New index on visitor table for new installs to avoid duplicate entries being created. A future update will add this index to existing installs but will need additional testing before it is implemented.
  • Added: Seychelles flag.
  • Updated: Support international number formats in statistics display.
  • Updated: Description of WordPress.org plugin link in plugin list.
  • Updated: Widget and shortcode now use the countonly option in wp_statistics_vistor() for better performance.
  • Updated: Renamed plugin from "WordPress Statistics" to "WP Statistics".
  • Fixed: bug in new IP validation code and support for stripping off port numbers if they are passed through the headers. Thanks Stephanos Io.
  • Updated: Persian (fa_IR) language.


  • Added: Page tracking support. Includes new overview widget and detail page. Also supports page hit count in the pages/post list and in the page/post editor.
  • Added: Admin manual, online viewing as well as downloadable version.
  • Added: Links for “Settings”, “WordPress Plugin Page” and “Rate” pages to the plugin list for WP Statistics.
  • Updated: General settings tab re-organization.
  • Updated: Several typo's and other minor issues.
  • Updated: Highcharts JS v3.0.9 to JS v4.0.1.
  • Updated: Persian (fa_IR) language.
  • Updated: Polish (pl_PL) language.
  • Updated: Arabic (ar) language.
  • Updated: Turkish (tr_TR) language.
  • Removed: shortcode and functions reference from readme.txt, now in admin manual.


  • Fixed: GeoIP dependency code to ignore safe mode check in PHP 5.4 or newer.
  • Fixed: GeoIP dependency code to properly detect safe mode with PHP 5.3 or older.
  • Fixed: Browser information not recorded if GeoIP was not enabled.
  • Updated: get_IP code to better handle malformed IP addresses.
  • Updated: Persian (fa_IR) language.
  • Updated: Arabic (ar) language.
  • Updated: Chinese (zh_CN) language.


  • Added: New robot's to the robots list: BOT for JCE, Leikibot, LoadTimeBot, NerdyBot, niki-bot, PagesInventory, sees.co, SurveyBot, trendictionbot, Twitterbot, Wotbox, ZemlyaCrawl
  • Added: Check for PHP's Safe Mode as the GeoIP code does not function with it enabled.
  • Added: Option to disable administrative notices of inactive features.
  • Added: Option to export column names as first line of export files.
  • Added: Options to disable search engines from being collected/displayed.
  • Updated: French (fr_FR) language translation.
  • Fixed: Download of the GeoIP database could cause a fatal error message at the end of a page if it was triggered outside the admin area.


  • Added: Additional checks for BC Math and cURL which are required for the GeoIP code.
  • Updated: GeoIP database handling if it is missing or invalid.
  • Updated: GeoIP database is now stored in uploads/wp-statistics directory so it does not get overwritten during upgrades.
  • Fixed: Typo's in the shortcode codes (thanks g33kg0dd3ss).
  • Updated: Polish (pl_PL) language.


  • Fixes: Small bug in referral url.
  • Fixes: Problem export table.
  • Updated: Arabic (ar) language.


  • Added: Show last visitor in Google Map.
  • Added: Search visitor by IP in log pages.
  • Added: Total line to charts with multiple values, like the search engine referrals.
  • Added: Shortcodes. By Greg Ross
  • Added: Dashicons to log pages.
  • Fixes: Small bugs.
  • Fixes: More debug warnings.
  • Fixes: User access function level code always returned manage_options no matter what it was actaully set to.
  • Updated: Hungarian (hu_HU) language.
  • Updated: Turkish (tr_TR) language.
  • Removed: Parameter from wp_statistics_lastpostdate() function and return date type became dynamic.


  • Fixes: Small bug in the Current_Date.
  • Fixes: Small bug in the exclusions.php file.
  • Updated: Polish (pl_PL) language.


  • Added: Converting Gregorian date to Persian When enabled wp-parsidate plugin.
  • Added: New feature, option to record the number and type of excluded hits to your site.
  • Added: New exclusion types for login and admin pages.
  • Fixes: GeoIP populate code now REALLY functions again.
  • Updated: Arabic (ar) language.
  • Updated: Polish (pl_PL) language.


  • Added: Responsive Stats page for smaller-screen devices.
  • Added: Dashicons icon for plugin page.
  • Added: Tabs option in setting page.
  • Added: Tabs category in optimization page.
  • Fixes: More debug warnings.
  • Fixes: GeoIP populate code now functions again.
  • Updated: Some optimization of the statistics code.
  • Updated: Search Words now reports results only for referrers with actual search queries.
  • Updated: Highcharts JS v3.0.7 to JS v3.0.9.
  • Updated: Brazil (pt_BR) language.


  • Fixes: a Small bug in to get rid of one of the reported warnings from debug mode.


  • Added: In the optimization page you can now empty all tables at once.
  • Added: In the optimization page you can now purge statistics over a given number of days old.
  • Added: Daily scheduled job to purge statistics over a given number of days old.
  • Fixes: Bug in the robots code that on new installs failed to populate the defaults in the database.
  • Fixes: All known warning messages when running in WordPress debug mode.
  • Fixes: Incorrect description of co-efficient value in the setting page.
  • Fixes: Top level links on the various stats pages now update highlight the current page in the admin menu instead of the overview page.
  • Fixes: Install code now only executes on a true new installation instead of on each activation.
  • Fixes: Bug in hits code when GeoIP was disabled, IP address would not be recorded.


  • Added: Support for more search engines: DuckDuckGo, Baidu and Yandex.
  • Added: Support for Google local sites like google.ca, google.fr, etc.
  • Added: Anchor links in the optimization and settings page to the main sections.
  • Added: Icon for Opera Next.
  • Updated: Added new bot match strings: 'archive.org_bot', 'meanpathbot', 'moreover', 'spbot'.
  • Updated: Replaced bot match string 'ezooms.bot' with 'ezooms'.
  • Updated: Overview summary statistics layout.
  • Fixes: Bug in widget code that didn't allow you to edit the settings after adding the widget to your site.


  • Added: option to set the required capability level to view statistics in the admin interface.
  • Added: option to set the required capability level to manage statistics in the admin interface.
  • Fixes: 'See More' links on the overview page now update highlight the current page in the admin menu instead of the overview page.
  • Added: Schedule downloads of the GeoIP database.
  • Added: Auto populate missing GeoIP information after a download of the GeoIP database.
  • Fixes: Unschedule of report event if reporting is disabled.


  • Fixes: Critical bug that caused only a single visitor to be recorded.
  • Added: Version information to the optimization page. Thanks Greg Ross


  • Added: Definable robots list to exclude based upon the user agent string from the client.
  • Added: IP address and subnet exclusion support.
  • Added: Client IP and user agent information to the optimization page.
  • Added: Support to exclude users from data collection based on their WordPress role.
  • Fixes: A bug when the GeoIP code was disabled with optimization page.


  • Added: Statistical menus.
  • Fixes: Small bug in the geoip version.
  • Language: Serbian (sr_RS) was updated.
  • Language: German (de_DE) was updated.
  • Language: French (fr_FR) was updated.


  • Language: Arabic (ar) was updated
  • Fixes: small bug in moved the GeoIP database.
  • Updated: update to the spiders list.


  • Added: GeoIP location support for visitors country.
  • Added: Download option in settings for GeoIP database.
  • Added: Populate location entries with unknown or missing location information to the optimization page.
  • Added: Detect self referrals and disregard them like webcrawlers.
  • Added: "All Browsers" and "Top Countries" pages.
  • Added: "more" page to hit statistics chart, support for charts from 10 days to 1 year.
  • Added: "more" page to search engine statistics chart, support for charts from 10 days to 1 year.
  • Added: Option to store complete user agent string for debugging purposes.
  • Added: Option to delete specific browser or platform types from the database in the optimization page.
  • Updated: Browser detection now supports more browsers and includes platform and version information.
  • Updated: List of webcrawlers to catch more bots.
  • Updated: Statistics reporting options in settings no longer needs a page reload to hide/show the settings.
  • Updated: Summary Statistcs now uses the WordPress set format for the time and date.
  • Fixes: Webcrawler detection now works and is case insensitive.
  • Fixes: Install code now correctly sets defaults.
  • Fixes: Upgrade code now works correctly. If you are running V3.2, your old data will be preserved, older versions will delete the tables and recreate them.
  • Fixes: Ajax submissions on the optmiziation page (like the empty table function) should work in IE and other browsers that are sensitive to cross site attacks.
  • Fixes: Replaced call to the dashboard code (to support the postbox widgets on the log screen) with the proper call to the postbox code as WordPress 3.8 beta 1 did not work with the old code.
  • Updated: Highcharts JS 3.0.1 to JS 3.0.7 version.


  • Added: Optimization plugin page.
  • Added: Export data to excel, xml, csv and tsv files.
  • Added: Delete table data.
  • Added: Show memory usage in optimization page.
  • Language: Polish (pl_PL) was updated.
  • Language: updated.


  • Added: Chart Type in the settings plugin.
  • Added: Search Engine referrer chart in the view stats page.
  • Added: Search Engine stats in Summary Statistics.
  • Optimized: 'wp_statistics_searchengine()' and add second parameter in the function.
  • Language: Chinese (China) was added.
  • Language: Russian was updated.
  • Language: updated.


  • Optimized: View statistics.
  • Added: Chinese (Taiwan) language.


  • Added: Top referring sites with full details.
  • Resolved: Loads the plugin's translated strings problem.
  • Resolved: View the main site in top referring sites.
  • Resolved: Empty referrer.
  • Resolved: Empty search words.
  • Update: Highcharts js 2.3.5 to v3.0.1.
  • Language: Arabic was updated.
  • Language: Hungarian was updated.
  • Language: updated.


  • Bug Fix: Security problem. (Thanks Mohammad Teimori) for report bug.
  • Optimized: Statistics screen in resolution 1024x768.
  • Language: Persian was updated.


  • Bug Fix: Statistics Menu bar.
  • Bug Fix: Referral link of the last visitors.
  • Added: Latest all search words with full details.
  • Added: Recent all visitors with full details.
  • Optimized: View statistics.
  • Language: updated.
  • Language: Arabic was updated.
  • Remove: IP Information in setting page.


  • Added: Hungarian language.
  • Added: Insert value in useronline table by Primary_Values function.
  • Added: Opera browser in get_UserAgent function.
  • Added: prefix wps_ in options.
  • Added: Notices to enable or disable the plugin.
  • Changed: Statistics class to WP_Statistics because Resemblance name.


  • Bug Fix: Table plugin problem.


  • Bug Fix: problem in calculating Statistics.
  • Optimized: and speed up the process.
  • Optimized: Overall reconstruction and coding plug with a new structure.
  • Optimized: The use of object-oriented programming.
  • Added: statistics screen to complete.
  • Added: Chart Show.
  • Added: Graph of Browsers.
  • Added: Latest search words.
  • Added: Specification (Country and county) Visitors.
  • Added: Top referring sites.
  • Added: Send stats to Email/SMS


  • Serbian language was solved.
  • Server variables were optimized by m.emami.
  • Turkish translation was complete.


  • Added Indonesia language.
  • Turkish language file corrected by MBOZ.


  • Added Polish language.
  • Added Support forum link in menu.
  • Fix problem error in delete plugin.


  • Added Serbian language.


  • Added Bengali language.


  • Added Russian language.
  • Fix problem in count views.
  • Added more filter for check spider.
  • Optimize plugin.


  • Fix problem in widget class.
  • Redundancy in Arabic translation.
  • Fix problem in [countposts] shortcode.
  • Optimized Style Reports.


  • Fix a small problem.


  • The security problem was solved. Please be sure to update!
  • Redundancy in French translation.
  • Add CSS Class for the containing widget. (Thanks Luai Mohammed).
  • Add daily or total search engines in setting page.
  • Using wordpress jQuery in setting page.


  • Added Turkish language.
  • Added Italian language.
  • Added German language.
  • Arabic language was solved.
  • Romanian language was solved.
  • The words in setting page were complete. (Thanks Will Abbott) default.po file is Updated.
  • The change of time from minutes to seconds to check users online.
  • Ignoring search engine crawler.
  • Added features premium version to free version.
  • Added user online live.
  • Added total visit live.
  • Added Increased to visit.
  • Added Reduced to visit.
  • Added Coefficient statistics for each user.


  • Optimized Counting.
  • Added Arabic language.
  • Draging problem was solved in Widgets
  • css problem was solved in sidebar


  • Solving show functions in setting page.
  • Solving month visit in widget.
  • Added Spanish language.


  • Solving drap uploader problem in media-new.php.


  • Added statistics to admin bar wordpress 3.3.
  • Added Uninstall for remove data and table from database.
  • Added all statistics item in widget and Their choice.
  • Optimize show function code in setting page.
  • Calling jQuery in wordpress admin for plugin.
  • Remove the word "disabled" in the statistics When the plugin was disabled.
  • Solving scroll problem in statistics page.


  • Added Russian language.


  • Added French language.
  • Rounds a float Averages.


  • Added Romanian language.


  • Active plugin in setting page was solved.


  • Added default language file.
  • Added Portuguese language.


  • Complete files


  • Edit string


  • Support from Database
  • Added Setting Page
  • Added decimals number
  • Added Online user check time
  • Added Database check time
  • Added User Online
  • Added Today Visit
  • Added Yesterday Visit
  • Added Week Visit
  • Added Month Visit
  • Added Years Visit
  • Added Search Engine reffered
  • Added Average Posts
  • Added Average Comments
  • Added Average Users
  • Added Google Pagerank
  • Added Alexa Pagerank
  • Added wordpress shortcode


  • Start plugin

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-8-22
Downloads: 647,630


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4.5 out of 5 stars


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