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Creates publication lists from Bibtex files by integrating bibtexbrowser into wordpress

wp-publications enables research groups and individuals to add publication lists in WordPress. The publication lists are generated on the fly from bibtex files using bibtexbrowser.

One just has to create a post/page containing a short code such as:

  • [wp-publications bib="mybibliography.bib" all=true]
  • [wp-publications bib="mybibliography.bib" year=2011]
  • [wp-publications bib="mybibliography.bib" author="Martin Monperrus"]

One can also mix options:

  • [wp-publications bib="mybibliography.bib" all=true academic=true]
  • [wp-publications bib="mybibliography.bib" year=2011 author="Martin Monperrus" academic=true]


  1. The bibtex file is expected in directory at the root of the wordpress installation or in wp-content/plugins/wp-publications
  2. The short code options exactly correspond to bibtexbrowser queries.
  3. The mybibliography.bib should be encoded in UTF-8 if diacritics are not LaTeX-escaped
  4. Please use complete refresh when uploading a new bibtex file (generally Ctrl-F5 or Shift-F5)

Last Updated: 2013-4-4
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