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WP Password Policy Manager

Configure strong WordPress password policies for users to improve the security of your WordPress by ensuring users are not using weak passwords.

Ensure WordPress Users Use Strong Passwords

Thousands of WordPress blogs and websites get hacked each year because users use weak passwords. Do not let your WordPress become a statistic; ensure that all your WordPress users use strong passwords and change them frequently with WP Password Policy Manager plugin.

Why WP Password Policy Manager?

With WP Password policy manager you can easily configure WordPress password policies to enforce users to use strong passwords.

Your WordPress users do not have to get used to new systems or procedures; WP Password Policy Manager integrates seamlessly within your WordPress login page and uses the standard WordPress UI as can be seen from these screenshots.

Configurable WordPress Password Policies

WordPress Administrators can configure any of the below policies to ensure their users are using strong WordPress passwords: * Password Age * Minumum Password Length * Mixed Case Policy (enforce users to use both uppercase and lowercase characters in passwords) * Numeric Digits Policy (enforce users to use numbers in their passwords) * Special Characters Policy (enforce users to use special characters in their passwords)

Built-in WordPress Password Policies

Once a WordPress user's password expires, the new password:

  • Cannot be the same as the username
  • Cannot be the same as the previous one

Changing the WordPress Password

Once a WordPress user's password is expired, he or she is notified upon trying to login. To assist the user in choosing a strong password, the policies are also listed in the login page as can be seen in the screenshots.

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Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-5-12
Downloads: 919


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