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WP Maintenance Mode

Adds a splash page to your site that lets visitors know your site is down for maintenance. Full access to the back- & front-end is optional.

Other Notes

Work with MySQLDumper

This option is designed for users, who backups their database with "MySQLDumper". With this option you can switch your WordPress into maintenance mode, when you create a database-backup with MySQLDumper. This is very usefull especially for larger blogs, because their backup takes a longer time. With this option enabled, you have the guarantee of a clean and full backup of your database. All other requests to your database from other resources were blocked in the time of the backup and all the performance of the MySQL-Server will be taken for the backup.

How to use

  • MySQLDumper must be installed and has to run full funtionally. This includes the crontab, MySQLDumper uses.

How to install MySQLDumper: Please visit the official website for several tutorials and videotutorials where you can see, how to install MySQLDumper.

To configure the automatic backup with MySQLDumper: Please visit the official website for informations about the full automatic backup of your database with perl and crontab.

  • Maintenance Mode must be installed and all needed options must be set.
  • After that, go to your Dumper-settings -> Configuration -> Databases. There you have two options ->Command before Dump ->Command after Dump
  • On the right you find a link named "SQL Commands", after you click this link, you can set the two queries for the automatic backup.
  • Click the link "new command", give it a name like "activate maintenance mode" and paste the code below in the required field and finally save this command:

    UPDATE wp-database.wp-prefix_options SET option_value = '1' WHERE wp-prefix_options.option_name = 'wp-maintenance-mode-msqld';

  • Now you can set the second command to deactivate the maintenance mode like the first one with this code:

    UPDATE wp-database.wp-prefix_options SET option_value = '0' WHERE wp-prefix_options.option_name = 'wp-maintenance-mode-msqld';


You must edit three places of the code to your options:

  • wp-database -> put here the name of your database.
  • wp-prefix_options -> put here the name of your options-table with the prefix you use (normally wp_options). This you must edit twice in the code!

When you have edited the code, save the two commands and go back to the MySQLDumper Configuration. Now you can choose the commands in the required field. For "Command before Dump" use the Command you named like "activate maintenance mode" and for "Command after Dump" use the other, named like "deactivate maintenance mode".

Don't forget to save these settings! After that, your WordPress will be switch in maintenance mode, when Dumper is backup your database!

Frequently Asked Questions for MySQLDumper

Please visit the official website for general informations about MySQLDumper.

How to: Backup with maintenance mode and MySQLDumper (illustrated Tutorial in german language)

Please visit Automatisches Backup der WordPress-Datenbank


Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-7
Downloads: 1,167,873


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4.4 out of 5 stars


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