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WP Job Manager

Manage job listings from the WordPress admin panel, and allow users to post jobs directly to your site.


  • Shortcode arg to show numbered pagination instead of 'load more jobs'. show_pagination argument.
  • Define support for Jetpack publicize.
  • Show company name alt text for company logo.
  • Sort jobs by title, date, expirey date.
  • Added noscript element for jobs shortcode.
  • filter_var to validate URLs on the job submission form.


  • Job submission form categories must not hide empty categories.


  • On the job submission form, display hierarchical categories.
  • Use job_manager_ prefixed hooks for registration (register_post/registration_errors/register_form) to prevent issues with Captcha plugins.
  • Pass $post to job_manager_application_email_subject
  • Additonal hooks in job-filters template, and moved out job types output to separate template file.
  • Option to set the job dashboard page slug so plugins know where to look.
  • Allow you@yourdomain.com to be translated.
  • Make taxonomies hidden unless current_theme_supports( 'job-manager-templates' )
  • Adjusted job application area styling and added some additonal filters.
  • Improve backend order status selection.
  • Added some responsive styles for job lists.
  • Allow users to relist a job from the frontend. (Ensure WC Paid Listings and Simple Paid Listings are updated to support this).


  • Fix ajax filters 'true' for show_filters
  • Fix geocoding for certain address strings
  • Fix keywords typo
  • Remove deprecated $wpdb->escape calls. Replaced with esc_sql


  • Switch geocode to json and improve error checking.
  • If query limit is reached, stop making requests for a while.
  • Added extra data inside job_feed.
  • Few extra icons in font.
  • Additonal hooks in single template.
  • Pick up search_category from querystring to set default/selected category.
  • Ability to define selected_job_types for the jobs shortcode which will set the default job type filters.
  • Took out show_featured_only arg for the [jobs] shortcode and added 'featured' which can be set to true or false to show or hide featured jobs, or left null to show both.
  • Removed nonce from frontend job submission form to prevent issues with caching.


  • Trigger change on 'enter' when filtering jobs.
  • Updated add-ons page to pull from wpjobmanager.com.
  • Updated links.
  • Fixed support for custom upload URLs.
  • Choose/limit application method to email, url or either.
  • Default application value (if logged in) set to user's email address.
  • show_featured_only option for [jobs] shortcode.
  • Add required-field class around required inputs.
  • Enable paste as text in wp-editor field.


  • Fix email URLs.
  • Target blank for application URLs.
  • Add posted by (author) setting in backend.
  • When saving jobs, ensure _featured and _filled are set.
  • Load admin scripts conditionally.


  • Fix missing parameter in application_details_url causing URLs to be missing when applying.


  • Removed resource heavy 'default_meta' function from the installation process.


  • Template - Split off URL and email application methods and added new hooks. This allows other plugins to manipulate the content.
  • Pass $values to edit job save function so permalinks are preserved.
  • When showing filters, ensure we check by slug if category is non-numeric.
  • Give listings ul a min height so that loading image is visible.
  • content-no-jobs-found.php template.
  • Fix apostrophe direction in signin template.
  • Bulk expire jobs.
  • submit_job_form_required_label hook.
  • ability to set default state for selects on submit form.
  • allow passed in classes in get_job_listing_class function.
  • Hook in the content only if in_the_loop(). Fixes issues with jobify and yoast SEO.
  • Removed .clear mixin to prevent theme conflicts.


  • For initial load, target all .job_filters areas. Jobify compat.


  • Fix - Corrected check to see if any category terms with jobs exist


  • Feature - Take search/location vars from the querystring if set
  • Feature - Option to choose role for registration, and added an 'employer' role.
  • Feature - Support for comma separated keywords when searching
  • Fix - Use add_post_meta when editing a job to maintain featured status
  • Fix - category ordering
  • Fix - searching for keyword + location at the same time
  • Fix - Only show categories select box when they exist
  • Dev - job_manager_application_email_subject filter


  • Some changes to file uploads to support custom mime types
  • Updated icon file (http://fontello.com/)
  • Fix category rss links
  • When doing a location search, search geolocation data
  • Fix notices when removing all company fields
  • Made jslint happy with ajax-filters.js
  • Use get_option( 'default_role' ) when creating a user
  • Grunt for release


  • Preserve line breaks when saving textarea fields in admin
  • Hide 'showing all x' when no filters are chosen.
  • Register 'preview' status so that the counts are correct.
  • Delete previews via cron job.



  • Added geolocation to save location data to meta after posting or saving a job. This will be used by other plugins.
  • Filter job_manager_geolocation_enabled and return false to turn off geolocation features.
  • Jobs shortcode can now be passed 'location' and 'keywords' to set the default for filters, or show only jobs with those keywords if filters are disabled
  • Html fix in widget
  • Add border around wp editor
  • Fix company logo in firefox
  • submit_job_form_wp_editor_args filter
  • "Empty" categories are visible when filtering jobs in admin.


  • MP6/WP 3.8 optimised styling. Min version 3.8 for new styling.
  • Removed images previously used in admin.
  • Tweak the_company_logo() to check if logo is valid URL.
  • Replaced Genericons with custom set
  • Only show link to view job on dashboard when published


  • Fix wp-editor field
  • Fix editing job images


  • Changed get_the_time to get_post_time
  • Added textarea and wp-editor to form api
  • When using the job submit form, generate a more unqiue slug for the job - company-location-type-job-title
  • Ability to remove image from job submission form
  • Update icon font
  • Fix job_types filters
  • Field_select in admin
  • Fix access control on job editing
  • Job forms multiselect support


  • Ability to edit job expiration date manually via admin
  • Settings API: Password field
  • Frontend Forms: Password field
  • Correctly turn off expiration when 'days' is not set
  • Greek should be el_GR
  • Settings: Use key for tabs - fixes issues with locales
  • Show pending count in admin menu
  • Added job_types argument to jobs shortcode to show jobs of a certain type only
  • Hierarchical dropdown for categories on filter form
  • job_manager_job_submitted hook in submission form


  • Added pagination to the job dashboard to avoid memory issues
  • Schema.org markup for job listings
  • Greek translation by Ioannis Arsenis


  • Remove line breaks from markup to prevent theme issues


  • When using the [jobs] shortcode without filters, if jobs > per-page show the 'load more' link
  • Clearfix for meta div
  • Hooked up $size option for company logos
  • submit_job_form_save_job_data filter
  • Italian translation
  • Brazillian Portuguese translation
  • Respect other plugin columns in admin
  • Re-arranged admin columns to show less non-useful data


  • Support for featured job listings
  • Support for meta job duration
  • set_expirey when publishing jobs from admin manually
  • Update handler


  • Corrected form field label
  • Added french translation by Remi Corson


  • job_manager_get_dashboard_jobs_args filter
  • Better handling of submit job steps.
  • Option to store the slug of the submit job page - used by addons.
  • Use :input in JS to support multiple input types if customised.


  • Improved accuracy of job search
  • Fixed category filter dropdown in admin


  • Tweaked css clearfixes
  • Use built in antispambot for encoding email.
  • job_manager_job_filters_showing_jobs_links filter
  • IE8 Apply filters JS fix
  • Fix spanish locale
  • Fixed strict standards errors
  • Improve 2013 Styles
  • Addons page. Disabled usings add_filter( 'job_manager_show_addons_page', '__return_false' );


  • Added function to get listings by certain criteria.
  • Added ES translation.
  • Fix job feed when no args are present.


  • More hooks in the submit process.
  • Hide apply button if url/email is unset.


  • Some extra hooks in job-filters.php
  • Added a workaround for scripts which bork placeholders inside the job filters.


  • Action in update_job_data() to allow saving of extra fields.
  • Added German translation by Chris Penning


  • Slight tweak to listing field filters in admin.
  • 'attributes' argument for admin settings.


  • First stable release.

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-9
Downloads: 78,522


4 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars


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