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UFP Identity

The UFP Identity plugin integrates WordPress login and user management seamlessly with the UFP Identity platform.


  • Initial version


  • changed readme to reflect install from wordpress.org
  • identity enabled for new users, even while enrolling and editing is disabled
  • disable delete user if editing disabled. n.b. no way to indicate why delete was stopped
  • more detailed status on Settings/Identity
  • if openssl_random_pseudo_bytes doesn't exist, try uniqid
  • telemetry on activate, deactivate, uninstall


  • fix check status and call it if editing disabled and nothing scheduled
  • Pulled out loading up library so that it can be used in places that don't require the provider loaded.


  • handle reset properly
  • static method call generates E_STRICT warning
  • check to make sure certificate file uploaded is really a certificate file
  • additional text changes
  • removed un-necessary label
  • migrate to strong, cohesive naming strategy
  • fix missing locality description; add in Company/Organization header
  • removing old drupal links; expecting wordpress links
  • remove need for output_buffering
  • remove cURL dependencies


  • handle both cases users_can_register = TRUE/FALSE


  • simplify enrollment check timing
  • update instructios for CSR creation
  • remove documented requirement for cURL
  • describe location functionality
  • formatting and some additional explanatory text
  • prefill as much as we can for CSR
  • nothing to remove with interim_login
  • admin notice that identity is not installed

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-7-12
Downloads: 232


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