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WP Hide Post

Enables you to control the visibility of items on your blog by making posts/pages hidden on some parts of your blog, while still visible in other part

What does this plugin do?

It enables you to create posts/pages that can be hidden (temporarily or permanently) from the homepage, feeds and/or other places. The post/page will remain accessible normally through other means, such as permalinks, archives, search, etc... and thus will remain visible to search engines.

How can I make a post or a page private so that no one can see it?

If you want to make a post/page completely private you don't need this plugin. WordPress supports options such as private and/or password-protected posts/pages out of the box.

Can I make a post or a page *hidden* for a while, but then make it normal again?

Yes. The hidden flags are just another set of attributes of a post/page. They can be added or removed at any time, just like editing anything else about the post.

I have an idea to improve this feature further, what can I do?

Please contact me on my blog An Apple a Day. I'm looking forward to hearing any suggestions.

I just found something that doesn't look right, do I just sit on it?

By all means no! Please report any bugs on my blog An Apple a Day. I'd really appreciate it. This is free software and I rely on the help of people like you to maintain it.

I'm worried this could reduce my search engine ranking. Is it gonna?

Not at all. On the contrary. All the content you include on your blog, even though it's not directly accessible from the homepage for example, it's still to be available when search engines crawl your site, and will remain linkable for those individuals that are interested in it. Furthermore, if you use some sitemap generation plugin (like the Google XML Sitemaps plugin I use on my own blog) all the content will be published to web crawlers and will be picked up by search engines. In fact, this plugin will make your SEO more effective by allowing you to add content that you wouldn't otherwise want to show on your homepage.

I used the 'WP low Profiler' plugin before. This one sounds just like it.

This plugin is the new version of the 'WP low Profiler'. The name has been changed, but the functionality and codebase is identical. In fact, once you activate this plugin, it will upgrade the existing 'WP low Profiler' plugin and take its place. The last version of 'WP low Profiler', 2.0.3, corresponds to the first version of 'WP Hide Post', 1.0.3.

I already have 'WP low Profiler' installed and activated. What's going to happen to it?

'WP Hide Post' will take the place of 'WP low Profiler'. Once 'WP Hide Post' is activated, 'WP low Profiler' is deactivated and deleted. All its data is imported first, so you won't loose any data.

I already have 'WP low Profiler' installed but it's not activated. What's going to happen to it?

Ditto. It will be deleted. If you had any existing data (if you had it active before) the data will persist.

Why did you change the name of 'WP low Profiler' 'to WP Hide Post'?

'WP low Profiler' wasn't descriptive enough of the functionality of the plugin. Being 'low profile' could mean many things to many people. It was hard to find and many people who needed it didn't know it exists because of that.

Requires: 2.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.2.1
Last Updated: 2013-7-22
Downloads: 109,335


4 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars


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