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Header Footer Login Log

add src nfo txt log (visible with show source browser function) on header footer login when plugin activated without add nothing to wp_option database

To-Do List

  1. Authenticity Plugin Check (2014.0000.2015) No Date Set!
  2. Secure Plugin Activation (2014.0000.2015) No Date Set!


All previous release, prior of latest stable, are on fact
deprecated, and no longer supported on this project:
is very suggested upgrade to the latest build always!


  • Major Release [STABLE] Class Constructor for Functions Isolation
    • Full Compatible with WordPress 2.1+ to 4.1+
    • NEW Prioritization Plugin Loading (testers wanted)
    • NEW Class Constructor
    • NEW Functions Isolation
    • UPDATED Preemptive Support for Future WordPress 4.0+
    • UPDATED Preemptive Support for Future WordPress 4.1+
    • BUMP Version 2014 Build 0610 Revision 0410


  • Major Release Refresh [STABLE] Reloaded Plugin Refresh
    • NEW Cooding Refresh
    • RELOADED Assign Key Tag to Log (2013.0218.0933)
    • RELOADED Security Key Tag Support (2013.0217.1138)
    • BUMP Version 2014 Build 0311 Revision 0133


  • Release [STABLE] Assign Security Key Tag to Plugin Info Text Log
    • NEW Assign Security Key Tag to Plugin Info Text Log
    • BUMP Version 2013 Build 0218 Revision 0933


  • Release [STABLE] Introducing a New Idea of sla: Security Key Tag Support
    • NEW Security Key Tag Support
    • UPDATE Improved Strict Security Rules (The Return of index.php Reloaded)
    • BUMP Version 2013 Build 0217 Revision 1138


  • Release [STABLE] Insert/Show Info Text Log on Header/Footer when Plugin is Active
    • First Plugin Build
    • Version 2009 Build 1208 Revision 2009

Common Plugin Features for All Releases Build Versions

  • Work under GPLv2 or later License.
  • Implement GNU style coding standard indentation.
  • Meet detailed Plugin Guidelines quality requirements.
  • Code in Becoming
  • Less Memory Consumption.
  • Full Strict Security Rules Applied.
  • Handy Syntax Improvement.
  • Reduce Code Bloat.
  • Code Cleanup for Faster Loading.
  • Only one unique PHP file.
  • Supports PHP 4 and PHP 5.
  • Ready to Single and Network Multisite Environment.
  • Compatible with Shared, Dedicated, Cloud and VPS Hosting.
  • Run on Hosting with high and low resources.
  • Nothing is written into space disk.
  • Nothing is written into wp_option database table.

Requires: 2.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1
Last Updated: 2014-8-16
Downloads: 2,486


5 stars
5 out of 5 stars


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