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FuneralPress is an online website obituary management and guest book program for funeral homes and cemeteries.


*Added widget, shortcode and custom css. *Fixed install bug


  • Fixed issue with post excerpts displaying html and wordpress auto format issues
  • Fixed the problem with redirections when not using permalinks.
  • Requires theme my login


  • Added a po translation file so you can translate to your own language
  • Fixed a few layout problems
  • Added a new search widget to search obits, ability to change title, add text before the form and the ability to turn off and on first name, last name and burial date.
  • Translated 100+ terms
  • Made CSS Updates, Noted in style.css under 1.0.3
  • Added an error if search does not find any obits.


  • Added the ability to turn off the guestbook


  • You can now turn off facebook sharing
  • Fixed dates not showing properly


  • Disabled requirement for theme my login
  • Removed birth and death dates when not entered
  • Fixed a guestbook redirection error
  • Changed the way the login works
  • Fixed sanitization bugs


  • There a now guest mode, registration is no longer a requirement. You can turn guests on or off with a setting in admin
  • Enable or disable registration, if you want people to log into your installation then you will need to enable registration. (this enables registration for the whole wordpress install)
  • reCaptcha integration for guest userse so you dont wind up with allot of spam
  • These are some major updates please report back with any issues
  • Better validation for the posts form


  • Fixed a slow loading css bug
  • Fixed a bug that was not allow premium members to save phone numbers for funeral homes (must update premium for this fix)
  • Fixed css conflicts


  • You can now add the shortcode on the home page, there was a variable problem that was not allowing you before. note to self: wordpress reserved variables.


  • Released an addon that allows integration with gravityforms for obit submissions by users, this required a free version update for hooks.


  • Fixed an issue with the captcha code, it was checking for captcha if enabled even if you are logged in. Removed that and it is working again.


  • You can now change the name of churches and funeral homes in the settings page
  • Created filters for the topmenu
  • Fixed the email URL
  • Restuctured some of the menus for new filters and hooks
  • If you are using premium please update both premium and free versions to avoid any errors.


  • Fixed XSS Issues brough up by wordpress


  • fixed URL bug when not using permalinks


  • Added ability to change thumbnail size for all images
  • fixd a small html bug in block list view mode
  • Added option to disable share facebook
  • Added option to disable breadcrumbs


  • Fixed formatting on the obit page


  • Fixed custom css link reference


  • Fixed issues with premium that were slowing down the script
  • Added a bunch of new hooks and actions to make wp funeralpress look the way you want. http://wpfuneralpress.com/faqs/


  • Fixed a small bug which redirected users to the obit page when clicking on a widget.


  • Another small issue with linking while pagination is enabled


  • Gave the ability to set a cemetery and funeral home for premium users.
  • Ability to change the name of obits,guestbook,cemetery,church and funeral homes.


  • New facebook share which allows you to share photo and obit with the name instead of just the url
  • Print button added for obits
  • Ability to turn print on and off
  • Bug fixes


  • Update to fix a print obit bug


  • Disabled auto popup on google map frame
  • Removed names from the guestbook posting
  • Fixed minor bugs


  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Fixed issue with thumbs
  • Fixed spam issue when guestbook is turned off


  • Added new hook wpfh_insert_obit,$insert_id - fires when inserting new obit
  • Added new hook wpfh_update_obit,$insert_id - fires when updating new obit
  • Added created date for obit when inserting
  • Fixed a few bugs
  • Added premium: Ability to post linkns
  • Added premium: more hooks.


  • Added back the add funeral home and add church to top nav
  • updated jqueryui to latest version fixing the missing x button
  • updated compatibility with 3.6


  • Fixed custom css files, was not working correctly linking to the wrong css file.
  • Added "Edit Obituaries" in Admin Bar
  • Added "Edit This Obituary" to Admin Bar if on an obit page and have permissions to edit obits
  • Added "X Pending Guestbook Posts" to Admin Bar if any posts are pending and user has the permission to approve posts
  • Added 3 new capabilities wpfh_manage_obits, wpfh_manage_settings, wpfh_manage_settings to be used for future development permissions model.


  • Changed date from modified date to created date.
  • Added optional post count to guestbook tab
  • Small bugfix on postings page


  • Fixed a bug in search pagination


  • Changed the created date to a timestamp for more accurate organization
  • Changed the date format to use the format you specify in the settings area of wordpress, now any date format is possibile with built in localization


  • Fix to the editor


  • Using the updated widget API
  • You can now drag multiple widgets into sidebars


  • Broken div fix


  • Fixed a quote link on view more
  • Added support for 3.8


  • Fixed the facebook sharer button by adding the new meta og tags


  • Fix to the url structure in premium


  • Moved recaptcha inclusion to load after themes and plugins have been loaded just in case there are other plugins that dont check.


  • Fixed cemeteries and funeral home maps
  • Changed menu icon
  • Add subnavs to wordpress admin nav

Requires: 2.0.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-7-28
Downloads: 5,549


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4 out of 5 stars


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