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WP e-Commerce - Store Exporter

Export store details out of WP e-Commerce into simple formatted files (e.g. CSV, XML, TXT, etc.).


  • Fixed: Coupon export as XML
  • Fixed: Order export as XML
  • Fixed: Customer export as XML
  • Fixed: Compatibility with WordPress 3.9.1
  • Added: Product export support for Advanced Google Product Feed
  • Added: Product export support for All in One SEO Pack
  • Added: Product export support for WordPress SEO
  • Added: Product export support for Ultimate SEO
  • Fixed: Fatal error affecting CRON export for XML export
  • Added: Filter export Orders by Product


  • Fixed: Clearing the Limit Volume or Offset values would not be saved
  • Fixed: Force file extension if removed from the Filename option on Settings screen
  • Changed: Reduced memory load by storing $args in $export global


  • Fixed: Fatal error if Store Exporter is not activated


  • Changed: Replaced wpsc_ce_save_csv_file_attachment() with generic wpsc_ce_save_file_attachment()
  • Changed: Replaced wpsc_ce_save_csv_file_guid() with generic wpsc_ce_save_file_guid()
  • Changed: Replaced wpsc_ce_save_csv_file_details() with generic wpsc_ce_save_file_details()
  • Changed: Replaced wpsc_ce_update_csv_file_detail() with generic wpsc_ce_update_file_detail()
  • Changed: Moved wpsc_ce_save_file_details() into common Plugin space
  • Changed: Added third allow_empty property to custom get_option()


  • Added: Disabled support for XML Export Format under Export Option
  • Changed: Created new functions-csv.php file
  • Changed: Moved wpsc_ce_generate_csv_filename() to functions-csv.php
  • Changed: Moved wpsc_ce_generate_csv_header() to functions-csv.php
  • Added: General Settings header to Settings screen
  • Added: CSV Settings header to Settings screen
  • Changed: Re-ordered field options on Settings screen


  • Fixed: Export error prompt displaying due to WordPress transient


  • Changed: Using WP_Query instead of get_posts for bulk export
  • Changed: Moved export function into common space for CRON and scheduled exports
  • Added: Toggle visibility of each export types fields within Export Options


  • Changed: Improved support for legacy WP e-Commerce 3.7


  • Changed: Dropped $wpsc_ce global
  • Added: Using Plugin constants
  • Changed: Moved debug log to WordPress transient
  • Added: Support for Table Rate Price on Product export


  • Fixed: Multi-site support resolved
  • Changed: Permanently delete failed exports
  • Added: Post Published and Post Modified


  • Added: Date format to Export options


  • Added: Detection of non-WP e-Commerce installs with notices
  • Fixed: Language support for translations
  • Changed: Moved wpsc_ce_count_object() to formatting.php
  • Fixed: File encoding for all export fields
  • Added: Separate files for each dataset


  • Added: Simple Product Options integration
  • Changed: Order Items field names
  • Changed: Checkout field names
  • Added: Order Items: Product SKU
  • Added: Product ID to Products export
  • Added: Parent ID to Products export
  • Added: Parent SKU to Products export
  • Added: Parent Term ID to Categories export


  • Added: User ID to Customers export
  • Added: Username to Customers export
  • Changed: Backend names for Customer export fields
  • Added: jQuery Chosen support to Orders Customer dropdown


  • Added: Category structure export
  • Added: Native jQuery UI support
  • Fixed: Various small bugs


  • Fixed: Customers export dataset
  • Fixed: Custom Fields integration for Products
  • Added: Filter Products by Product Category
  • Added: Trash Product Status to Product Filters
  • Changed: Cleaned up Export options short list
  • Added: Past Exports support
  • Added: Integration to WordPress Media


  • Fixed: Styling in WP e-Commerce 3.7
  • Fixed: Permission issue in WP e-Commerce 3.7
  • Fixed: Export link within Plugins screen
  • Added: Product Tax Bands support


  • Fixed: Export buttons not adjusting Export Dataset
  • Added: Support for Length column
  • Added: Product Variation support
  • Added: Taxable Amount Product detail
  • Fixed: Local Shipping and International Shipping Product details
  • Added: No Shipping Product detail
  • Added: Notify OOS and Unpublish OOS Product details


  • Added: Partial export support
  • Added: Select All support to Export screen
  • Changed: References of Sales to Orders


  • Fixed: Image column contents
  • Added: Featured image support for Image column


  • Changed: Removed HTML filter
  • Changed: Introduced new encoder
  • Changed: Moved formatting functions to formatting.php


  • Fixed: Coupons export
  • Added: Selectable Coupon fields


  • Added: Customers support
  • Added: Integration with Exporter Deluxe


  • Changed: Moved styles to admin_enqueue_scripts
  • Changed: Categories now using wp_terms
  • Changed: Options engine


  • Fixed: Export of Tags
  • Fixed: Template header bug
  • Added: Sales support for Checkout data
  • Changed: Filter Heading from Checkout data
  • Fixed: Coupons support


  • Added: Tabbed viewing on the Exporter screen
  • Fixed: Tag generation error
  • Added: External Link Text
  • Added: External Link Target
  • Added: Related Products
  • Added: Export Sales
  • Added: Product columns
  • Added: Sales columns


  • Fixed: Category column adding surplus Root and Parent category


  • Changed: Migrated to WordPress Extend


  • Changed: More efficient Tag generation


  • Added: Category heirachy support (up to 3 levels deep)
  • Fixed: Foreign character support
  • Changed: Removed HTML converter in Description and Additional Description


  • Fixed: Product export issue
  • Added: Custom Fields integration


  • Added: Advanced Google Product Feed integration
  • Added: All in One SEO Pack integration


  • Added: Export Coupon details


  • Fixed: WP e-Commerce Plugins widget markup
  • Added: Support special characters
  • Fixed: progress.gif URL
  • Added: Permalink column


  • Fixed: Styling issue within Plugins Dashboard widget
  • Fixed: Issue introduced with wpsc_get_action()
  • Added: Alt. switch to wpsc_get_action()


  • Added: First working release of the Plugin

Requires: 2.9.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-5-22
Downloads: 12,120


3 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars


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