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WP Cloudmade Maps

Add static and interactive cloudmade maps to your website, using a widget, different shortcodes and a tinymce GUI for user-friendly map-embedding.

0.0.8 ( September 2012 )

  • moved to GitHub for easier development and issue tracking
  • tested with WordPress 3.4.2
  • updated readme.txt
  • fix: Adjusted CSS for "Choose Location" meta_box
  • fix: Enqueued jQuery properly to make meta_box Map work correct and show TinyMCE GUI with tabs

0.0.7 ( January 2012 )

  • fix: JS validation: if inserted a map, but no location, is triggered now only if map shortcode is really inserted
  • add: update or delete existing maps within the GUI
  • fix: moved tinyMCE language strings into .po / .mo files
  • fix: Fatal Error "Unsupported operand types" during activation
  • add: fullscreen switcher to active maps
  • fix: also delete widget-options on de-activation
  • fix: fixed the links to the option-pages inside the Admin-Notices

0.0.6 ( January 2012 )

  • add: optimized the usability of the GUI for mutual dependence of some options
  • add: alternate marker-title to marker of interactive single maps using the GUI
  • fix: CSS improvements for the GUI
  • fix: wrong jQuery fallback path
  • add: filter markers on active-group-maps by post_type
  • add: choose, via the GUI, what content to show in infoWindow attached to markers on active_group_maps: nothing, the_excerpt(), the_content() or to use an own templatefile
  • add: sample template-file for infoWindow output, ready to modify and use in your theme
  • fix: updated the help-section for static_maps and active_single_maps
  • fix: updated the german translation
  • add: pot-file

0.0.5 ( December 2011 )

  • first public release

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.2
Last Updated: 2012-9-23
Downloads: 3,145


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