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WP Cloudmade Maps

Add static and interactive cloudmade maps to your website, using a widget, different shortcodes and a tinymce GUI for user-friendly map-embedding.

With WP Cloudmade Maps you are able to add static and interactive maps to your website using Cloudmades designable OpenStreetMaps-Data. This way you can add maps that fits your webdesign. Choose from over 50.000 ready-to-use map styles or create your own with the CloudMade Style Editor.

The Plugin comes with

  • a widget to show your last geotagged posts with static maps,
  • a shortcode for static maps
  • two shortcodes for interactive maps

and countless attributes, to fit the maps your ideas.

All shortcodes are accessible via an user-friendly tinymce button and a lightweight configuration interface for editors. As Administrator you're able to set everything as defaults, so your editor just have to 'click & drop' a new map inside a post, page or a custom_post_type at all.

General - Features

  • add maps that go nicely with your webdesign, by choosing from over 50.000 map-styles or painting your own
  • works with posts, pages and custom posttypes
  • adds microformat geo-markup to your located content, to make your geo-content machine-readable
  • adds meta-tags with location information to your html output, to make your website readable to geo-DBs
  • ability to enable or disable unused parts of this plugin, to keep it editor-friendly
  • upload custom marker images into the WordPress media-library and use it on your maps
  • check all your default settings with example-maps inside the settings pages directly
  • inline documentation inside the WordPress help-tabs
  • complete deactivation and uninstalling routines to keep your options-table clean
  • JS- and CSS files are loaded conditionally only when they are needed

Static Maps - Features

  • easy embed static map images into your content using GUI or shortcode
  • align maps with the default WordPress alignment CSS-classes
  • add maps as background-images to the body-tag, as header-images or anywhere you want
  • show posts addresses as caption of the maps with WordPress default caption markup

Active Maps for one Marker - Features

  • easy embed active maps into your content using GUI or shortcode
  • align maps with the default WordPress alignment CSS-classes
  • add zoom controls
  • show map scale
  • navigate within a small overview-map
  • add descriptive labels to your map-markers

Active Maps for multiple Marker - Features

This part exists, but is still in development and not really production-ready. So, it is a small window into the next releases.

  • show one active map with multiple Markers, standing for posts of
    • selectable categories,
    • choosen tags,
    • specific users,
    • defined date-ranges,
    • specific post-types,
    • or anything else you could pick up and filter with a WP_Query request - this is the higher vision ;)
  • attach Info-Window to each marker and show the_content(), the_excerpt() or own html based on a templatefile


  • English (en_US)
  • German (de_DE)

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.2
Last Updated: 2012-9-23
Downloads: 3,152


4 stars
4 out of 5 stars


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