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WP-Client Lite :: Client Portals, Secure File Exchange, Messaging & Invoicing

WP-Client Client Management & Billing Plugin that gives you the ultimate in flexibility to integrate into your current site.

Flexibility & Power

Please understand that WP-Client is a very flexible & powerful tool. If you are having trouble understanding how to apply it to your application, our Support Team will be happy to help you get a clearer picture of how you can configure the plugin to accomplish your needs.

REVIEWS: Read the comments about our Support Team

One result of this extreme flexibility, is that it becomes difficult to provide "step 1-2-3" guides for the plugin, as these steps won't necessarily apply to all of our customers' needs. For every "case" we provide as an example, we will end up leaving out dozens of other scenarios that WP-Client would be perfect for. We hope that the development path we are taking will make the plugin even easier to use going forward.

Click HERE for the Support Portal

Why WP-Client PRO?

What do you call them?

Clients? Members? Or do you needs involve Customers, Employees, Collaborators, Students, Patients, Agents, Reps, Vendors, Affiliates, etc...?

You can use WP-Client to create Client Portals, Membership Sites, File Sharing Portals, Employee Portals, Student Portals, Patient Portals, Customer Areas, Agent Portals, Vendor Info Portals, Affiliate Portals and much, much more.

Top Five Reasons to own WP-Client PRO

Reason #1: Extreme Flexibility, Solid Security, & Raw, Unadulterated POWER

No matter what your organization or business requires, WP-Client has the power and flexibility to deliver a wide range of web portal functionalities to serve your needs.

Dozens of features designed to fit a wide range of needs. From the extremely simple to the extremely complex, our features are designed to accommodate your requirements.

Reason #2: Experienced Team of Developers

WP-Client is happily providing Web Portal and Membership Site functionality to thousands of organizations in dozens of countries around the world. Development direction is driven by customers just like you. Your suggestions matter and if your ideas are echoed by the community, they often end up in the next version. Our team is actively developing WP-Client and making major improvements all the time. Your investment now will pay future dividends with added features and functionalities.

Reason #3: Extensive Documentation & Responsive Support Team

Documentation is provided right inside the WP-Client Dashboard so you can never lose it. And, it's updated all the time so you never have to worry about having "old" documentation. We have an experienced team of helpful and courteous support staff who's number one goal is to make sure you are taken care of. If you have a problem, then we're here to help.

Reason #4: Authentic Testimonials from Real Customers. No B.S.

We are proud to say that our customers are excited to tell us how happy they are. This makes us happy, but we are still always pushing to do things better all the time

  • "Remarkable. All is working. I'm amazed at how fast you guys are in responding and the thoroughness of the help instructions. Great job. And thanks a million for making such an awesome plugin. This was exactly what I was looking for and you've even added invoicing to it." Jeffrey

  • "I've been looking for this exact functionality for so long, finally came across your plugin, and what a pleasant surprise! Really love the whole concept behind the plugin, and how it makes everything so flexible. Use of shortcodes is clever and makes integration a snap." Sherri
  • "You guys have the most well documented and best executed plug-in that I have ever had the privilege to use." Howard
  • "I bought 2 copies of this [plugin] and I'm very impressed! I'm a professional photographer and visual designer, and I use this plug in for my studio and for clients than need a professional solution for show the pictures to clients. Thank you WP-Client! I'm really really happy! Great product!" Manu
  • Reason #5: No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee

    We consider our 100% Money Back Guarantee a valuable tool for gathering real world feedback from real world users. It doesn't happen often, but if WP-Client doesn't fit your needs, then you have nothing to worry about. See Details

    What is our 100% Money Back Guarantee?

    We know that you'll be satisfied with WP-Client, but if for any reason, the product doesn't fit your needs, we are happy to provide a full refund for WP-Client if your request falls within 15 days of your initial purchase.

    If you need additional time to evaluate the plugin, simply contact us to request an additional time window.

    Why should you trust that we'll issue a refund?

    Because we have NEVER kept a customer's money who has asked for it back within the evaluation period.

    Each week, we have a wide range of customers who purchase the plugin assuming it will fit their needs. In a very few cases, for a variety of reasons, WP-Client ends up not being what the customer expected, or not exactly the best fit for accomplishing their goals. Typically, our Support Team can quickly guide the customer through any confusion, but there are cases where WP-Client might not be the perfect fit.

    In more than a few of these cases, we find that customers ask for a refund thinking that WP-Client won't allow them to get a certain result, when in fact, the plugin can deliver that result. For this reason, if a customer requests a refund, we will politely ask for a brief explanation of why they feel the plugin won't work for them. This lets us be sure that they aren't missing or misunderstanding a functionality that would serve their purposes, but it also helps us be in tune with the many variations our customers are trying to find solutions for. By asking the customer why they would like a refund, we are able to guide the direction of WP-Client's development based on the feedback from our interactions.

    So, in the end, our Refund Policy is a good thing for us! Because we value the opinions of our customers so much, we see our refund policy as a valuable tool for gathering real world feedback from real world users.

    For these reasons, you have no worries that we will try to keep your money.

    How do I request a refund?

    Simply submit a support ticket requesting a refund

    Please see this page for a complete set of FAQs


    Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
    Compatible up to: 3.9.2
    Last Updated: 2014-4-18
    Downloads: 10,099


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