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WP Category Tag Cloud

Display a configurable 2D or 3D cloud of tags, categories or any other taxonomy filtered by tags or categories.

WP Category Tag Cloud provides a configurable widget displaying a cloud of tags, categories or any other taxonomy.

The cloud elements can be displayed in different ways (see screenshots):

  • as a flat list separated by spaces
  • as a UL tag with the wp-tag-cloud class
  • as price tags
  • as rectangular tags with rounded corners
  • as horizontal bars
  • as a 3D HTML5 based tag cloud

Unlike other tag cloud plugins, WP Category Tag Cloud uses no Flash, but only HTML, JavaScript and CSS to display the cloud. This makes sure this plugin is compatible with any device with a modern browser. It also doesn't generate the HTML tags for the cloud by itself but relies on WordPress functions. This means that if you use other plugins which add filters related to tag cloud, this plugin will integrate properly with them.

You can configure:

  • the maximum number of taxonomy terms displayed
  • whether the entries in the cloud are ordered by name or post count
  • whether the entries are sorted in an ascending, descending or random order
  • how the cloud should be rendered
  • the zoom factor in case of a 3D HTML5 based tag cloud
  • the size of the smallest and largest items in the cloud (in percentage)
  • the font color used
  • the background color used for horizontal bars
  • the border color used for horizontal bars
  • whether the opacity of the tags should be modified based on the usage
  • whether to make links no-follow
  • whether to tilt the displayed terms randomly
  • whether to colorize the displayed terms randomly
  • whether the widget should be cached and for how long

You can also choose to only consider posts with specific categories (with or without children) or tags.

If you do not want to display the cloud as a side bar widget but in the content of a page or post, you can use the short code (see the frequently asked questions). You can also use a PHP function to have the cloud displayed. More details also in the frequently asked section.

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-8-20
Downloads: 4,408


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