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Wp App Studio

Wp App Studio is a design and development tool for building commercial grade WordPress plugins. No coding required.

Are you a WPAS user?

  • Serious about WordPress.
  • Want to start up a WordPress plugin business?
  • No coding experience.
  • Tired of writing code.
  • Tired of people not updating and supporting plugins.
  • Tired of finding, testing, retesting plugins, and still dealing with conflicts.
  • Thinking life is short.
  • Want to focus on something unique than reinventing the wheel.
  • Don't want to deal with technology/trends changes
  • Don't want to wait weeks to get something done.
  • Don't want to spend thousands to get something done.

No problem. This is it. Create your own custom plugin. Let us support it for 30 days for Free.

Wp App Studio(WPAS) is a cost-effective REST API based service(SaaS) that creates fully featured WordPress plugins. In Wp App Studio all processing takes place outside of your computer. To be able to use this platform, you must purchase API credits.

How does WPAS work?

Two ways to use this platform

  1. Download and install this plugin, purchase API credits, design/generate plugins at your computer, and purchase when you are ready.(Pros)
  2. Register/login to eMD Playground, get free API credits, design/generate plugins, and purchase when you are ready.(Beginners)


Get involved

We are in the business of making your life easier as a developer, designer or power user. Let us know how we can do our job better by suggesting new features, reporting bugs, or telling us simply something we developed worked for you. We tweet about our development, new releases, tips and tricks @eMarket_Design. We have a contact form in our site and free support ticket system in the emd playground. Thanks in advance.


We have machine-translated Wp App Studio in the following languages. We need lead translators to help finish the translations.

  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • German
  • French
  • Chinese

Please contact us with your gmail account (required for file sharing) if you would like to help in translating WPAS to your own language.

Upgrading from the previous versions

Each WPAS version adds to the functionality of our platform. Wp App Studio plugin automatically upgrades your apps to the new version. However, it is strongly recommended to go through your app's screens and validate/edit/save your data to avoid data related issues in the plugin generation time. Test your app in the playground, take advantage of the free support.

What's new in 3.0?

WPAS 3.0 release offers more flexibility to owners in terms of creating, searching, and displaying user entity relationships. Now you can create multiple relationships between your entities and your users and limit those relationships to the selected user role. For example, as a publisher, you can assign an article to a writer by creating a relationship with a user with author role. You can also assign the same article to an editor by creating another relationship. Users are selected based on their public display names. In addition, all of your user relationships can be displayed in a relationships widget or a view. Relationship module now supports "from entity" and "to entity" layouts. Using these layouts, you can display separate content in a different layout when users visit the "from entity" and "to entity".

Another new feature is the addition of ability to use font-awesome and dashicons web font icons as menu icons in the admin area. This will help plugin owners to take advantage of new WP 3.8.1 admin interface. In the form layout editor, you can also insert submit button anywhere you like, very handy feature if you like to use inline forms. We also added support for block level buttons.

A summary of all new features are below;

  • Moved the user relationship from Entity to Relationship module.
  • Moved the generate button to more user friendly location.
  • Fixed labels, fields on widget,form list pages.
  • Added submit button element to submit and search form layout editor.
  • Added builtin user attributes and taxonomies (tags and categories) in custom layout editors in views, relationships, and forms modules.
  • Added "from entity" and "to entity" layouts in relationship module.
  • Removed layout from relationship widgets.
  • Removed header and footer layout from all views except standard
  • Added create setup page with a page title option in all views and forms.
  • Added create block level button option in forms.
  • Added support for entity menu icons using font-awesome, dashicons in addition to standard image files.

Create your own plugin using Wp App Studio

An intro to WPAS system. More video tutorials in the website.

What comes in and out of my computer?

What comes out

  • API Keys (WPAS userid and password)
  • App (plugin) metadata

What comes in

  • WPAS account balance and available\used credits info
  • Development status messages (success, failure etc.)
  • Plugin download link

All communication to WPAS servers are implemented through token based secure HTTPS REST requests using XML files. No other format is allowed.

See Wp App Studio Platform documentation

Should I install Wp App Studio plugin to my production server?

You can install it anywhere you like. However, Wp App Studio is a development tool and we recommend you to install it to your laptop or development computer.

Who should use this service?

Wp App Studio is designed for the users with no coding experience. The generated plugin code is based on open source software and is completely open source. You can modify, whitelabel, and resell your plugin without any limitation.

What are the features?

See Other Notes tab or project links below.

Project Links

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-2-15
Downloads: 8,309


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2.6 out of 5 stars


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