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Monitor and display registered users activity (logins, posts, comments, etc.). You can also track and prevent hackering attemps, with IP blacklisting.


  • Added auto-refresh for activity displayed on frontend (with AJAX).
  • Added compatibility with WordPress 3.5 (no more warning in admin panel)
  • Added partial Russian translation (Thx to Semyon Nikiforov)
  • Added Swedish translation (Thx to Per Söderman)
  • Various Tweaks


  • Stats graph now displays localized dates (Thx to Per Söderman).
  • Fixed bug with stats display.
  • Fixed bug with translation string.
  • Updated Dutch translation by Venntom.


  • Fixed bug with event display.


  • Fixed bug with UTC+0 timezone .


  • Added new events types logging : new users, comments edits, comments deletions (not spam comments), posts deletions (real deletions, not trashed posts).
  • Added a search field for filtering by data in admin activity log (to search for IP addresses, posts, etc.).
  • Added partial Romanian translation (for version 1.7, not up-to-date !) by Web Geeks.
  • When there is more than 25 users, the user filter is now displayed with a search field (with autocomplete) instead of the users list for better performance/readability.
  • In frontend display, a default icon is now displayed if the event has no icon associated.
  • Changed the way modified post events are monitored.
  • Changed, added and deleted a few translation strings.
  • Changed minimum user capability to access plugin in admin panel from 'publish_post' to 'administrator'.
  • Various Tweaks.
  • When a post or a comment is deleted, the post and comments related events are updated (the title of the deleted post is saved instead of post id).
  • Fixed a possible bug with dates timezones. This could mess a little your previous logged events dates (Thx to Elmoonfire ).
  • Fixed ACCESS_DENIED events that are no more displayed in frontend.
  • Fixed possible wrong url path to users profiles in RSS feed.


  • Fixed bug with blacklist tab who stay disabled unless you uncheck/check again the logon failures logging option.
  • Updated Dutch Translation By Venntom.


  • Added auto-blacklisting of IP addresses after a configurable number of failed logon attempts in the last 2 days.
  • Added compatibility with Better-WP-Security plugin (false failed logon events when log in).
  • Added logging of IP Address in successful login events.
  • Added widget width setting (was previously set in wp-activity css file - default to 350px).
  • You will be now redirected to the previously selected tab when reloading settings page (at the cost of a small js file load).
  • User filter and LOGIN_FAILED filter combination is now possible.
  • Changed Activity RSS feed for better integration with WordPress RSS Feeds and permalinks.
  • Blacklist tab is now disabled when Logon failures log is not enabled.
  • Fixed Activity RSS feed missing user names.
  • Fixed daily cron task.
  • Fixed exported data deletion.
  • Fixed bad link in plugins list additions for wp-activity (settings/uninstall).


  • Fixed bug with the logon log function.
  • Fixed php bug where numbers were possibly displayed as scientific notation with a comma, totally messing up js code and preventing stats chart to display.
  • Stats chart will now display under IE 7 & 8 (missing compatibility js file).


  • Added blacklisting of IP addresses.
  • Added dutch translation (Thx to Tom Vennekens).
  • Admin and export functions are only loaded when needed (separate php files).
  • Tweaked Cron task activation.
  • Changed the display of settings page to look more like 'standard' admin WP.
  • Replaced a few translation strings, sorry for translaters.
  • Fixed Logon events who where only added when entering credentials since v1.6. Authentification with cookie ('remember me' option) will now generate a login event.
  • Fixed deletion of old activity (cron task).
  • Fixed csv file generation bug for IE.
  • Fixed missing datepicker js script when using wordpress prior to 3.3.


  • Fixed pages navigation links


  • Added Logging of IP Address when a logon failure occurs.
  • Added Activity stats.
  • Added a few css rules to wp-activity.css (custom css files must be updated).
  • Changed plugin menus (Wp-Activity has now it's own menu).
  • Changed CONNECT events tracking, should be less disturbed by plugins that deals with WordPress login.
  • Fixed csv file generation (bug with url rewriting).
  • Fixed (again) empty Last login column in user list when using User Access Manager plugin.
  • Fixed login failures bad link in right now widget.


  • Added current rows count in db next to the max rows value setting.
  • Added export to csv file - filters and ordering are also processed to exported data.
  • Added filtering by user in admin activity list.
  • Tweaks and optimizations.
  • Fixed missing profile field to allow user privacy.
  • Fixed double login events when using a plugin dealing with WP login.
  • Fixed "last connect" empty data values when using a plugin that deals with WP admin panel users list.
  • Fixed a bug in multisites environment where queries to the users table where wrong (bad prefix).
  • Fixed a bug where spam comments were written in activity table (but not displayed).


  • Added a 'Last Login' column in WP-Admin user list page.
  • Added an option to change the author page links when your permalink structure for authors is not 'author'.
  • Added a widget to display to a logged user its own activity.
  • Fixed a css conflit when using jquery.tabs in another plugin (Thx to Cscean - http://cscean.es/)
  • Added Spanish Translation (Thx to Cscean - http://cscean.es/)


  • If two login events occur within a minute, only the first of them is displayed in frontend (double login events reported with facebook login).
  • Corrected another bug with dates (Thx to Royzzz - http://www.roypoots.nl).


  • Security check removed as it causes fatal error.


  • Added logon fails count since last administrator login on "Right Now" admin panel widget.
  • More privileges security added.
  • Corrected a bug with relatives dates.


  • Fixed bad posts links in admin and RSS logs (Thx again to Mario_7).


  • Fixed stupids "\n" displayed in plugin admin.
  • Added links in wordpress plugin lists to configure or uninstall WP-Activity.
  • Fixed a misplaced div closing tag (Thx to Mario_7).
  • Added Turkish translation (Thx to Can KAYA - http://www.kartaca.com)


  • Fixed RSS feed (it has probably never worked outside of my wordpress test site).
  • Admin can now prevent users to deny logging of their activity.
  • Activity list in admin panel has now the same ergonomy as the standard wp admin lists (with pagination, filtering and ordering).
  • Login failures can now be logged.


  • Reset/uninstall tab
  • User activity can now be displayed on author page
  • If the author of a post has been changed, the plugin will change it in activity logs too. See FAQ for more details.


  • Fixed a XSS vulnerability (Thx again to Julio - http://www.boiteaweb.fr)
  • Admin panel improved
  • Activity archive link in frontend


  • improved shortcode - now with parameters.
  • possible use of an alternate css file in theme directory - avoid erasing css tweaks with plugin updates.


  • Bug fix that prevented activity to be displayed in frontend.


  • Added shortcode [ACT_STREAM] to display activity on a page or post.


  • New activity can be highlighted since last user login (in fact old activity is greyed out)
  • Bug fix with a possibly shared var name (thx to Stephane)


  • Bug fix with cron settings for deleting old activity


  • Bug fix when auto-delete old activity (activity limit)


  • User last logon can now be displayed on author page


  • admin panel tweaked
  • Plugin now support gravatars for connect and profile edit events. Generic icons can also be used.
  • Activity stream display tweaked.


  • Added setting for using relatives dates
  • Activity is now displayed in the admin plugin page (backend)
  • Post Add/Edit events are now correctly logged


  • Comments and posts adds are now correctly logged


  • Post creation/edition separated
  • Add link event added (only public links)
  • Users can hide their activity from profile
  • RSS feed added


  • Big bug (introduced in 0.3) squeezed


  • Less SQL queries
  • Admin can choose events types to log


  • Plugin internationalization
  • widget enabled


  • First release

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2013-1-18
Downloads: 28,227


3 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars


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