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WordPress Access Areas

Fine tuning access to your posts.

What does it exactly do?

For each Post it stores a capabilty the user needs to have in order to view, edit or comment on a post. By defining Access Areas You create nothing more than custom capabilities.

Why didn't you use post_meta to store permissions? WordPress already provides an API for this!

I did this mainly for performance reason. For detecting the reading-permission on specific content, the plugin mainly affects the WHERE clause used to retrieve posts. In most cases, using post_meta would mean to add a JOIN clause to the database query, which would slow down your site's performance.

Does it mess up my database?

It makes changes to your database, but it won't make a mess out of it. Upon install it does two things: 1. It creates a table named ´{$wp_prefix}_disclosure_userlabels´. The access areas you define are here. 2. It adds three columns to Your Posts tables: post_view_cap and post_comment_cap.

Upon uninstall these changes will be removed completely, as well as it will remove any custom generated capability from Your user's profiles.

I'd like to do some magic / science when a user tries to view a restricted post. And yes: I can code!

Check out the wpaa_view_restricted_post action hook and the wpaa_restricted_post_redirect filter. Theres some documentation in the GitHub Repo

I found a bug. Where should I post it?

I personally prefer GitHub. The plugin code is here: GitHub

I want to use the latest files. How can I do this?

Use the GitHub Repo rather than the WordPress Plugin. Do as follows:

  1. If you haven't already done: Install git

  2. in the console cd into Your 'wp-content/plugins´ directory

  3. type git clone git@github.com:mcguffin/wp-access-areas.git

  4. If you want to update to the latest files (be careful, might be untested on Your WP-Version) type git pull´.

I found a bug and fixed it. How can I contribute?

Either post it on GitHub or—if you are working on a cloned repository—send me a pull request.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9
Last Updated: 2014-3-21
Downloads: 3,792


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