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WordPress.com Popular Posts

This plugin can show the most popular articles in your sidebar, using data collected by Jetpack or WordPress.com Stats plugins.


  • New feature: added %post_thumbnail% to show the post thumbnail! Please read the FAQ. Thanks to Rocco Agostino.
  • Language: added romanian, thanks to Web Geek Sciense.
  • Language: added vietnamese, thanks to Lê Hoàng Phương.
  • Language: updated catalan, thanks to Ferran Rius.
  • Language: updated italian, thanks to Edoardo Maria Elidoro.
  • Language: updated serbian, thanks to Предраг Љубеновић.
  • Language: updated spanish, thanks to Fitoschido, Fzamudio, Sergio Arriaga, hhlp, simon.
  • Language: updated turkish, thanks to Hamit Selahattin Naiboğlu.


  • Fixed a PHP notice.


  • Fixed missing closing tag when there aren't any popular posts. Thanks to sebmeric.
  • Strip HTML tags from the post titles. Please let me know if this breaks something for you.


  • New feature: %post_author% tag, to show the post author. Thanks to Jean-Paul Horn, http://www.iphoneclub.nl
  • New feature: added an option to exclude posts written by some specific authors. Thanks to Jean-Paul Horn, http://www.iphoneclub.nl
  • Added Serbian translation, thanks to Саша Стефановић.
  • Completed Turkish translation, thanks to Engin BAHADIR and cornetto.
  • Added docs about new WordPress.com Jetpack plugin.


  • Added Catalan translation & updated Spanish translation, thanks to Octavi Ripollés i Querol.


  • Added some check to make this plugin more robust with unexpected data.


  • New Feature: added support for [wp_popular_posts] shortcode! Please read the FAQ. Thanks to Tim Nicholson for this.
  • New Feature: added 'none' option to list tag, to improve customizability.


  • New Feature: added support for subcategories. Now if you set a category, it will also show posts inside its subcategories.
  • New feature: %post_time%, it allows to show the date/format.
  • New Feature: added a new Magic Number option. If the plugin shows less links than expected, try to raise this number. Please read docs.
  • Added spanish translation. Many thanks to Fabio (Coco).
  • Added (partly) turkish translation. Many thanks to zeugma.
  • Improved compatibility with WordPress 2.9.
  • Fixed an issue in the uninstall process.


  • New Feature: added the new %post_comments% tag in the format to show how many comments a post has.
  • New Feature: now you can choose to show the cached version only to the anonymous (not logged in) users.
  • Some minor fixes.


  • New Feature: implemented a cache system. This will improve the speed of the plugin. If you are using the function WPPP_show_popular_posts() for non-widget-ready themes, please read the FAQ.
  • Fixed an issue with %post_category%. Thanks to Isaac | GoBlogger.
  • Better compatibility with plugins like qTranslate. Thanks to Blutarsky for this.


  • Regression: you couldn't set an empty title anymore.
  • Regression: You couldn't add HTML tags to the widget title.
  • Fix: more robust security checks.


  • New feature: now you can use %post_category% in your format, to show the post's category.
  • New feature: now you can show posts from a specific category.


  • New complete rewrite, using WP 2.8 Widget API. Note: from now on, this plugin will require at least WP 2.8
  • New feature: now you can add multiple widgets with their own different settings!
  • New feature: now you can exclude specific posts/pages by IDs.
  • New feature: don't show posts with a view count under x
  • New feature: now you can choose between unordered (ul tag) or ordered (ol tag) list.
  • Fix: now private posts are excluded from the list.
  • Fix: now deleted posts shouldn't appear anymore.
  • Fix: W3C Validation fix, thanks to Jonathan M. Hollin
  • Fix: fixed an issue with titles containing special characters/quotes.
  • Fix: removed the shortcodes from the excerpt, thanks to Peter.


  • Added a workaround for a cache issue in stats plugin.


  • Hopefully fixed a problem on some blogs, when displaying only posts or only pages.


  • Updated compatibility with WP 2.6


  • New option: now you can limit the length of the links.


  • Fixed an incompatibily with PHP < 5.0.


  • Now the titles & permalinks are taken from the database, so they should be updated.
  • Arabic/Greek etc. language issues should be fixed now.


  • New feature: Added multilanguage support.
  • Added italian language
  • New feature: now you can show the first n characters of the content of each post, through the %post_excerpt% parameter. Just add it to your format.


  • Added a fix for a bug in WordPress Stats.


  • Fixed some unclosed tags, which caused issues in IE7 configuration of the widget.
  • Removed (actually it's only skipped, not fixed yet) a nasty MySQL error if there aren't any "top posts".


  • New feature: now you can choose to show only posts, only pages, or both (default).


  • Added CSS class "wppp_list", so that you can now customize the styling in your stylesheet.


  • New feature: now you can customize the format of the links (see FAQ)
  • New Feature: it's now possible to show the number of views of the post (see FAQ)
  • Fix: fixed utf-8 encoding issue with WP >= 2.5
  • Fix: now the widget should better integrate with your theme
  • Change: Note: the way to call WPPP_show_popular_posts() to integrate the plugin in non-widget-ready themes has changed. See FAQ.


  • Added arguments to the function WPPP_show_popular_posts(). Now you can customize several parameters even if your theme doesn't support widgets.


  • New feature: now you can set the length (in days) of the desired time frame.
  • Fixed a bug with titles containing foreign characters.


  • Added support for non-widgets-ready themes.


  • Fixed a bug with quotes.


  • Added widget configuration.


  • First working release with the widget.

Requires: 2.8.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.3.2
Last Updated: 2012-11-27
Downloads: 143,854


4 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars


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