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The NEW WordPress Mobile Pack allows you to 'package' your existing content into a cross-platform mobile web application.

What devices and operating systems are supported by my mobile web application?

WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 is supported on: iPhones, Android smartphones, Windows Phone 8 and Firefox OS. Compatible browsers: Safari, Google Chrome, Android - Native Browser, Internet Explorer 10 and Firefox.

How can my readers switch back to the desktop theme from my mobile web application?

The side menu of the mobile web application contains a 'Switch to website' button that will take readers back to the desktop theme. Their option will be remembered the next time they visit your blog.

How can my readers switch back to the mobile web application from the desktop theme?

A link called 'Switch to mobile version' will be displayed in the footer of your desktop theme, only for readers that are viewing the site from a supported device and browser. Their option will be remembered the next time they visit your blog.

I want to temporarily deactivate my mobile web application. What steps must I follow?

The mobile web application can be deactivated from the "Settings" page of the admin panel. This option will not delete any settings that you have done so far, like customizing the look & feel of your application, but mobile readers will no longer be able to see it on their devices.

What is the difference between my new mobile web application and a mobile friendly site?

The short answer is that a mobile web application is an enriched version of a mobile-friendly site; it's not only about screen size, it's also about functionality (offline mode, for example). The long answer comes in a form of an article, you can check it out here: http://www.appticles.com/blog/2014/05/mobile-web-dying-shifting/.

What is the difference between my mobile web application and a responsive theme?

A responsive theme is all about design - it loads the same styling as the desktop view, adjusting it to fit a smaller screen. A mobile web application combines the versatility of the web with the functionality of touch-enabled devices and can contain features that your desktop website doesn't have (like offline mode for example). A mobile web app is similar to a native app in terms of look & feel, with the only difference being that it runs in the browser.

Am I able to use my own theme or customize the existing one?

V2.0 is based on a Javascript framework called Sencha Touch, that mimics a native app interface. Because of that, the themes used are not regular PHP based themes that can be easily customized by editing the source. It is still possible to make small CSS changes, but changing the theme structure will not work.

Am I able to add Javascript code inside the theme?

Adding tracking scripts in the source is possible if you place them in the section of the theme files. However, code that is placed inside the posts will not be executed. The theme is implemented enterily in Javascript and that would mean Javascript code inside another Javascript code.

Am I able to integrate my own advertisement?

Support for various ad networks will be added in future releases. These will be managed enterily from the admin panel, so you won't have to modify the source to integrate ads.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-16
Downloads: 603,399


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